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Simpleflirts review

Simpleflirts Review (2021) – Is It A Scam Like Many Say?

I’ve been on a tear recently when it comes to reviewing dating sites. Simpleflirts is one that I came across. I quickly realized that I needed to review the site for my readers. Why you might ask? Well, because it just looked super suspect and I wasn’t going to let that go. The level of insufficiency was wild, which is why I decided to dive into things here.

Simpleflirts review

My Review of Simpleflirts.com Explains Everything

I’ve decided to keep this review short and sweet, covering only the necessary items. Why? Well, the site is not a good dating option and I would much rather you spend time browsing a site that works versus reading my review. For that reason alone, I’ve broken this down into a few simple categories. Here’s what you need to know about the site.

simple flirts homepage
What a terrible design and stock photo too…

The Company

Meteor Interactive B.V. is the company behind the Simple Flirts website. You’ll see this name in their terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy.

Keep this name in the back of your head because you’ll want to understand which other sites they operate. This company is based out of the Netherlands, FYI.

Free Registration

The site tries to rope you in with a free registration offer. They want you to join and what better way than offering something for nothing.

They make claims on the tour that you can get in touch with members after signing up for free. They also claim that finding a match is easy, but I beg to differ. Keep reading to learn why.

Fantasy Entertainment Service

The website admits to being a fantasy entertainment service and that’s how they describe it in their words – not mine.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that you’re likely only going to run into a ton of fake girls when doing searches. They are crystal clear with regard to this in the first paragraph of their terms and conditions.

Simpleflirts Terms

Fake Chats Too

Yes, you read that correctly. Part of their fantasy experience is offering fake chats to members. This means that members might be chatting with bots and computers instead of real people.

This is certainly an inefficient use of your time. You will not be able to meet up with someone if chatting with a fake person. I want that to be crystal clear.

Fake Operators / Fictitious Profiles

You will receive fake email messages from these fake profiles too. Now, although they do label these profiles differently from real, it’s still a bit of a strange thing to have to weed through fake messages in hopes of meeting someone real. As you can see, I’m not a big fan of anything fake when it comes to dating.

Paying For Things On Simple Flirts

The SimpleFlirts website tries to get you to pay for credits to buy virtual things on the site as well as premium features.

This is a total waste of money knowing how many fake profiles and fake things, in general, are associated with this site. The price of doing things is just too high with no return on investment here.

FAQ Section

Here are some frequently asked questions about SimpleFlirts.com:

Can you use Simpleflirts without having a subscription? No, you must register on the site to use it. Sure, it’s free to join and free to create a profile, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth doing so.

Who typically joins this site? People looking to meet other single folks.

Is simpleflirts.com a safe site to use? It’s safe in terms of security and credit card information, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth joining.

Conclusion: Simple Flirts Is Simply A Waste

If you’re looking for a hookup site that works with real members, then I would suggest avoiding this one. I do not think that this works great. There are way too many fake profiles, fake messages, and connections to other fake sites. My advice would be to find another option out there and avoid this site.

What should I try instead? Well, you’ve got plenty of options. Check out this review of Aff.com to find out why it might be a better option.

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