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What is the Purpose of Dating?

Many people go into dating when they are lonesome and end up getting into a relationship with their eyes closed.  Without much of a purpose, they end up in a relationship that isn’t idea for them that doesn’t produce love and friendship.  So what is the purpose of dating?

the purpose of dating

Why Date?

I asked this question to myself a while ago.  When I was lonely I used to serially date.  However, I found out that at the end of the day the women I were meeting were simply looking to have sexual encounters and fancy dinners.  They weren’t looking to fall in love, have a 3oo person wedding, buy a house, and pop out some kids one day.

So when I started to look at the longview of this, I realized – why date people?  Why go through the song and dance of pretending to have a long-term goal relationship-wise and spill my guts to someone who just wants to get in my pants?

Fast forward a few years and I joined my first adult dating website.  I think it was this one.  My life changed.  Like, forever.  And like, for the better.

When I ask the women I meet on these sites why they are into sex dating and simply hook ups, they talk about not wanting the commitment of a full blown relationship.  I could not agree more.

While I am there for you, I don’t want to be called upon to do things that a regular boyfriend would do. I don’t want to finance your life, take care of your dog when you are away, or grab your mail.  I like to keep things at arm’s length, and when I do this, I can have more fun to be with my friends and maybe occasionally holler at a Hooter’s Girl.

So if you are like me, you probably share some of the same thoughts.  Maybe you are into hook up apps.  If so, check out this list.  You’ll find recommendations of places I actually use on a daily basis to meet women who simply want a casual encounter.

this is the purpose!

Hey, if you date and want love, I don’t hate on that.  But, if you made it this far and are really looking for the real purpose of dating, you probably have some questions about your motives, and I’d suggest you check out some more of the content on this site and see if you may like an alternative lifestyle.

That’s all I got, what’s your purpose when you date?


Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

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