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Hooters Girls

Every man has had a dream to hook up with a Hooters girl, but very few actually make this dream become a reality.  Today I’m going to talk about why there is so much allure in Hooters Girls, and also provide a few tips on how you can get lucky enough to score a date with one – or more – of them.

Women of Hooters
Bigger is always better.

What Makes Hooters Girls So Attractive?

Let’s start with the obvious, these women are dressed scantily clad.  Unless you are going to dine at strip clubs, or the competing breastaurant, Twin Peaks, you won’t see women revealing as much ass in any other place you will eat, drink, and be merry.  The fact that these women dress in tight shirts designed to highlight their breasts and bright orange tight shorts makes them a bit on the attractive side, even if they aren’t a perfect 10.

Point number two I’d like to make is that typically these are younger women.  Think about it, how many times have you been inside a Hooters Restaurant and seen a girl there that looks North of 30?  How about 40?  It doesn’t happen that often, at least in the South Florida locations I frequent.

Younger women have soft, supple skin that makes them more attractive.  They also have a tendency to have less cellulite, if any.  Obviously, as women age, that becomes a major concern and turn off.

Lastly, their job is to be outgoing and flirtatious.  They know who frequent their restaurants – MEN.  I’ve yet to see a group of women just post up in a Hooters and have a meal.  Although I’m sure it happens, it’s a rarity.  Usually you see the guys out after a softball game.

Dudes having a fantasy football draft.  Or, just some guys doing happy hour looking at titties before they head out and do whatever it is they have planned that night.  Management knows it, I know it, and you know it.  It’s a place men can go and ogle women and dream about hooking up with them.

So boiling it down, Hooters girls have many advantages over your typical server you’d find at a neighborhood sports bar. 

#1:  They dress sexier

#2:  They are younger

#3:  They are flirty

How To Hook Up With A Hooters Waitress

I’ve seen this question posted on many Internet Forums, and it’s laughable how little game some men actually have.  Yes, I am serial dater.  Yes, I pride myself in being witty, funny, and quick to make people laugh.  Still, I find many guys out there thinking this is rocket science, when it’s not.  It’s just a different environment with many men hunting down the same path with the same mission – to get digits from a Hooters waitress.

Girls at Hooters
Why, yes we do have chicken breasts!

Some suggestions that may help you, in no particular order:

#1:  Get Personal. 

When you talk about something near and dear to you, like your Mom, your dog, or your child, it’s already gotten personal.  If she has interest in knowing more, she’ll ask.

Example opener:

“My dog did the funniest thing today, you’d never believe it.”

If her response is “oh my gosh, show me” – you are in.

Hooters boobs
May I take your order while you stare at my rack?

Bust out your phone and have that video or pic that you know will make her smile.  If this happens, you have just got personal and the door is open for you to holler.  I’m not going to teach follow up because I could write a book on it.  The goal should always be to get digits and then start sending well crafted text messages.  Just know that it’s up to you to now ask her if she wants to see this magical dog in real life.

Of course, if her response is cold, rushed, or non-interested, you aren’t going anywhere.  Re-assess the situation. 

You can also do stuff like “hey wanna help me name my fantasy football team?”   Yes, it’s cheesy, but you are trying to create a dialogue other than “how hot do you want your wings?”

#2:  Be Curious.

I always like to find out what type of girl I’m dealing with prior to committing to a date.  Time is money, and even if she’s a smoke show, she may be on another planet mentally.

“We are going to find something cold to drink around here, where do you recommend?”

If she pukes out all of her favorite haunts, ask her what nights she goes.  If there is a routine, tell her “oh yeah I heard that night is fun.  Will you be there next Tuesday?”  This way you can semi set up a meeting with her, even though it’s not an official date.  If you make that statement, and she shows up, you are in business.  The rest is up to you.

Of course, the down side could be a response like “I don’t drink. I hate drinking.  I usually sit at home and knit quilts.”

#3:  Play the Money Card.

Yep, the most cheese dick move ever.  But it works like a charm at Hooters. 

Vegas Hooters girl
Vegas baby, Vegas.

If you drive something nice, have your keys on the table in plain view.  If she notices, she may become more interested in you from the get-go.  The better the car, the better your odds become. That’s not really a Hooters pick up hack, it’s a life hack.  Believe me, women want a rich man.  I have yet to meet a Hooters Girl who at the time of working there was a millionaire. In fact, most are young and struggling, as well as very dumb with their money. (Not a knock on women, I was a dumb shit with my money at that age too. Most people are.)  A guy who can take her to restaurants she has yet to experience, and give her that awesome addition to her Snap Chat and Instagram stories is a serious catch.  Women love to show and tell, so if you are that guy who can take her to the next level in her social surroundings, it’ll pay you dividends and perhaps lead to having some friendly flings, if you are smart about it.

Remember, she’s a Hooters Girl. She hears game spit at her from guys of all walks of life, day in, and day out.  It’s going to take a unique play to get ahead of the rest of the d-bags hollering at her telling her how gorgeous she is.  Be unique, be classy, and be memorable.  Don’t profess your love like a jerk-off.  You are a catch as well.

Also, here are a few hacks to actual comments from former Hooters waitresses on this exact subject. 




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    1. DHU is 100% NOT on my top list because it doesn’t work as good as you say. Perhaps it does in Norway, but not in the United States.

  2. I tried the site you have listed and everyone of them are a pain in the ass to even join ,, you have any that are a little easier ??

    1. Hi Rick, if you think that signing up for a dating network is a pain in the ass, then perhaps you don’t have the patience for dating via apps/sites and it’s not for you. These are pretty standard registration processes that are about as easy as it gets. If you’re not willing to put in that work, then this isn’t for you.

  3. I’m just looking for bodyrubs. I don’t like massage parlors. Backpage was great for this as there were independents. Will I find that?

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Chris, if you read some of my updates you’ll see that I explain how to meet girls who are willing to give body rubs and massages on dating sites. They’re everywhere, you just need to know how to find them.

    2. Priceless says:

      Hi Sweety..right here look no further if your in Tx.
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  4. David Smith says:

    Most of these sites are for usa and I live in scotland.
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    Your you did this 2018 and its almost 2020 now so any chance you could update the website?

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