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Are you looking for more options? Perhaps those that don’t cost an arm and a leg or one that you don’t need to give your left nut or donate blood in order to be able to afford the process? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of dating apps free for adults that you might want to consider trying out.

There are literally thousands of mobile apps out there which you can consider using, but most of them suck. That’s the honest truth and I’ll say that until I’m blue in the face. If you’re an adult that’s looking to casually date, then you’ll be happy to learn what I’ve done for you below.

But first…

If you haven’t done so just yet, you might want to check out some of the free sites before browsing through the mobile apps. The only reason I say that is due to the fact that sometimes I find it easier to communicate with people on a desktop computer versus a smartphone. The choice is ultimately yours though. Here’s my list of favorite apps to give a shot.

Casual Dating Apps Free For Adults

18 Apps 100% Free For Adults To Use Today

This list covers twenty five free dating apps which I discovered that are free for adults over the age of 18. However, please note that only those that have the asterisk and the recommended label are those which I currently recommend trying out. If you don’t see it on this list and pointed out as such, then it’s not on my favorites list – simple as that. Of course, the list is subject to change and that may happen but let’s no focus on that. Time to focus on which apps will help you just bang and move on.

There’s one other thing I want to get off my chest here before covering the apps. I’ve been getting quite a few emails lately about guys asking if is a scam. For those wondering if you’re better off hiring a girl on Bedpage to have sex with you, the answer is a flat out – NO! It’s completely illegal to do this and most of these escorts are nasty AF. Stay away from these women, for the love of god!

Now that I got that off my chest, time to get down to business.

#1. – Hands down they’re the best out there. Literally, no one is better than this. The network is massive, the people are horny and hooking up is a guarantee.

#2. – If you’re in a rush and you want to bang within an hour, then you might consider the insta banging dating membership. Read the overview first. 

#3. – This one’s for the people who love snapchat. They’ve taken the Snapchat app and converted it into a sexting app for the masses. Again, a top 3 app to consider if you want to smash and dash. All you have to do is snap then sext, simple as that. 

#4. – Uber is used by millions of people and Uberhorny is quickly growing it’s user base as well. The premise is an app for people to connect via the iOS and Android app, hop in an Uber and meet for sex. Bada boom, bada bing! (Read review)

#5. – The Fuckbook network is number five on my list of free dating apps because it works and there’s nothing better than a network who doesn’t care to keep their persona discreet. You really need to read the full review to get a entire picture.

#6. – This is a free, quick, and easy app that works like a charm. Many people don’t know that this exists but it does and those that do know take full advantage of it. I love the simple user interface that comes along with (Full review)

#7. – If you’re a social media guy, then you’ll appreciate this one. It’s built on the premise of being a giant social network for sex. As you know, social networks are free, friendly, and fun. This is all that and then some with some sex in the mix.

#8. – The AdultFriendFinder mobile app is well-known and extremely popular. AFF is the largest and oldest casual dating network in the world. I’ve gotten lucky a ton of times using this and I’m sure that you’ll be able to do the same if you give it a whirl.

#9. – Have you been naughty or nice this year? Naughty people get to get down and they do quite often. is 100% free and they keep things simple with basic messaging.

#10. – Quicker than you can even imagine, instant hookups makes finding someone for fun time simple. The app connects directly with the official website and it makes having sex easier than one could ever imagine.

#11. – People love this because it helps them connect with mutual Facebook friends that might be on the market and down to bang. Makes perfect sense right? It’s not on my list of the best but it’s worth looking into.

#12. – This one is free and referred to as the Craigslist alternative, but I’m not 100% convinced enough to put it on my toplist. However, you might want to give it a shot. That is, only after you’ve tried the tip 5.

#13. – The Tonight App is a free adult dating app that was built with one thing in mind – connecting people that day for sex. It’s basically the HotelTonight of hooking up from what I gathered. It’s free to use on iOS. Bad news is that if you’re not in the NYC then you can’t use it.

#14. – The Bumble app is similar to Tinder other than the fact that the women call the shots. You swipe left and right for free and the women have the opportunity to accept or reject the swipes. If they don’t want to connect, then it doesn’t happen. I know people that have used this and banged but not nearly as many as the others on the top 5 list.

#15. – This app is the threesome app for the masses. They combine 1+1+1 or 2+1 to make 3. It’s an app that connects with your Facebook and it makes having sex with people a breeze. This was so much like Tinder that the Tinder company filed a lawsuit against them. Who cares about that though. The only thing you need to know is that it helps you have threesomes.

#16. – This free adult sex app is for the kinks. This one is good for those that might be into BDSM or other fetishes. While I’ve not tried it, many people seem to have decent things to say about it. It’s the 50 Shades of Grey dating app if you know what I mean and there is a free limited option for the curious.

#17. – Originally named as the Go Tinder app, this mobile swiping network is used by lots of college students and millennials today. The results can be mediocre at times but some people have hit a home run using this app. The good news is that they’ve got millions of users across the world so regardless of where you’re at, you’ll likely hook up. Lots of people use this to get dirty on Tinder. Perhaps you’ll do the same. 

#18. – The Pure dating app is a geo based app that connects local people with other locals. It’s for a short period of time (roughly 45 minutes) and within that time frame, if you don’t connect then you lose the chance. It’s hyper local and free.

Well, if these 18 free apps cannot help you hook up, then I don’t know what to tell you. Trust me, you’ll find something for you and for anyone looking for sex. Best of luck and once again, if you’ve only got time for one, just use this one here.

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Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

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    No you for this info.. I was fed up with AD 24 and Leo. AD 24 all the girls wanted you join some verification site before they would give you their phone number. Then Leo List girls wanted an email transfer in advance then not deliver. The last lesson was a girl called Candy. Picture shows a young petite Japanese girl. When I met her she was fat and much older and I doubt was probably not her picture.

    So I appreciate your safe advice and especially your list of real sites.
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