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Geek Dating Websites That Actually Exist

While I like to think of myself as a jock who likes to show off his alpha male qualities whenever given the opportunity comes up after meeting horny women that are down for sex, at the end of the day, deep down, I’m a nerd.  A geek, a tool, a dweeb, whatever you want to call me.  I may not appear that way publicly, but my computer is my life, and outside of that, I’m almost like an alter ego of myself when I’m away from it.  For that reason, it’s only proper that my inner dork talks to you fellow geeks about dating sites for nerds like us!

If you’re a self proclaimed “geek,” there’s a dating site for you. It may sound silly, but the more specific the dating pool, the easier it is to find a mate. There’s actually dating websites for nerds. We’ve got a list of popular apps and sites where you can find someone that loves the stereotypical nerdy things like Comic-con, video games and sci-fi books. It’s never been so easy to discuss Star Wars and computer coding with potential mates.

The Best Dating Sites for Nerds

Geek Dating Sites
Yes, there are dating sites for nerds like you! (I’m a closet nerd…..look at how much time I spend on my computer!)

Plenty of Geeks

There’s plenty of fish, and plenty of geeks in the sea. There’s no swiping involved, but it’s just like Plenty of Fish. You can filter out the people you don’t want to see and concentrate on the type you really like. From interests to age and sexual preference, it’s all there. It’s a free place where plenty of geeks can get together. The only downside is if you filter too many people out, your sea might not be very deep. Don’t shut out too many people. There could be the perfect nerd waiting for you in the geek pool.


Sweet and cuddly, Cuddli is an app that skips the small talk. It’s specifically geared towards the nerds that love weird fan stuff. Star Wars and Comic-Con lovers unite in this app. You jump right into talking about your love for everything “nerd” instead of swimming through all the other boring stuff like their favorite color and favorite food. It does have a mobile location device, and you can swipe to show interest like many other apps and websites of this kind. You can talk about meeting at your favorite fandom places so you meet in a public place and get to connect about the things you love at the same time. The only downside is this app is pretty new. It’s still working out some little cuddly bugs.


Zoosk isn’t just for nerds and geeks as it has over 40 million users, but with such a large pool it’s easier to find your perfect match. There’s three different kind of searches: basic, advanced and real time so you can narrow down exactly what you want in a potential mate. You don’t have to filter everyone out as there is a “maybe” filter so if your perfect match is somewhere in there, you may still find them even with filters set. You can even choose if you want to keep it casual or if you’re ready for marriage. There’s a Mega Flirt option that lets you skip through all the small talk and get to the good stuff that you care about, like Spock.

Trek Passions

Being a geek can be too broad for some lovers. Some people just want to talk about their exact interests. Trek Passions is all about the particular passion you have. Star Trek, World of Warcraft and other entertainment you can play or watch is the basis of this website. People put up ads about themselves where you can see their true passion for the nerd craft of their choice. You get to connect with them on a personal level other than just a wave at Comic Con. It’s a free database so it’s fun to just browse through the people.

Geek Nerd Dating

It’s all about the dorks at Geek Nerd Dating. This site makes it easy to meet your match. Lots of nerdy folks are scared to get out there and strike up a conversation so this place makes it easy. You can set filters so you don’t even have to talk to people you don’t need to. You also get to set filters of the crazy stuff you’re really into like Star Wars and anime. It’s user friendly without perfect looking people on each page to intimidate you. You send a virtual flirt, and off you go looking for happiness.

Soul Geek

Soul Geek is the “cyber home for geek dating” where you find all nerds in one place. You have to decide if you’re a fan girl or fan guy then find your potential soul geek. Best of all, it’s got a really cool design. Nerdy characters are all over the place on the pages. You can look at videos and read forums all about the geeky things you love. You get to meet on a deeper level discussing all things geek, then you can read about events where you can actually meet in person. It’s actually more than just a dating website because you can meet others that just love what you love, and discuss it.


If you love all things cosplaying, manga or anime, OtakuBooty is right for you. If you’ve never heard of these things, this website isn’t for you. It’s not just a dating site, you can also find those that love to go to these types of conventions. You can find reviews on all things anime and manga. These things are a particular niche in the world of nerds, but that common ground could bring your love together so it could be worth it. It’s not exactly free, but at less than $5 a month, it’s next to nothing.

Geek 2 Geek

When it comes to dating websites for nerds, Geek 2 Geek is one of the top ones. They swear they have the most “nerdy” members all looking for love. It’s just like the regular dating websites like Match.com where you answer lots of questions in hopes of finding your perfect match. The only difference is the questions are things that self proclaimed geeks love to answer. If you love anime, proclaim that love so you can find the match out there that loves it just as much. You get winks that lead to more messages. (Sexy messages, hopefully.)  It’s free to browse, but if you want to chat with someone, you must pay a monthly fee. Of course, there’s other people on the site since it’s so big so you don’t just get nerds and geeks winking at you. The best news is you can just ignore the others and talk to the ones that truly interest you.


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    1. DHU is 100% NOT on my top list because it doesn’t work as good as you say. Perhaps it does in Norway, but not in the United States.

  2. I tried the site you have listed and everyone of them are a pain in the ass to even join ,, you have any that are a little easier ??

    1. Hi Rick, if you think that signing up for a dating network is a pain in the ass, then perhaps you don’t have the patience for dating via apps/sites and it’s not for you. These are pretty standard registration processes that are about as easy as it gets. If you’re not willing to put in that work, then this isn’t for you.

  3. I’m just looking for bodyrubs. I don’t like massage parlors. Backpage was great for this as there were independents. Will I find that?

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Chris, if you read some of my updates you’ll see that I explain how to meet girls who are willing to give body rubs and massages on dating sites. They’re everywhere, you just need to know how to find them.

    2. Priceless says:

      Hi Sweety..right here look no further if your in Tx.
      Get @me on Tinder im in S.A

  4. David Smith says:

    Most of these sites are for usa and I live in scotland.
    Is tehir any app for scotland?
    Your you did this 2018 and its almost 2020 now so any chance you could update the website?

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