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Erotic Massage Near Me

You’ve probably had the urge to just get from time to time.  Hey, we’re all human.  Chances are, if you live in a major city in the USA, you can type in “erotic massage near me” and find some willing providers.  I’m going on record here saying that you shouldn’t do anything illegal, of course.  So with my disclaimer firmly out there, I have no issue if a guy wants to be rubbed erotically and massaged in a way that a regular therapist just won’t do for you.

erotic massage near me

How to Find an Erotic Massage Near You

This is quite easy, and again, you’ll have a better chance at getting results if you live in a larger city like Houston, Chicago, San Diego, New York (the king of rub and tugs), Boston, DC, or Atlanta, to name a few.  I’m in South Florida, which is a hot bed for sex because of all the money being thrown around here combined with all of the people fresh off the boat from somewhere in the world willing to do whatever it takes to make it big and stay in the USA.  This isn’t to say you can’t score an erotic massage in a smaller venue, but you won’t have as many options.  It’s like finding a girlfriend in a college town.  Would you rather go to a 1,000 person community college in Iowa, or a massive University like say, Florida?  That’s pretty simple, my friends.

So, with your mobile device, laptop, or PC, head on over to Google.com.  Type in “erotic massage near me.”  You’ll see a bunch of results.  Here’s what I see:

Googling for Erotic Massages
These are the results I find in Google.

Now, not every search result will be something that you can vibe with.  Naturally, some authority guides on the topic will come up as well.  You’ll most likely often see Rubmaps, which is a site I wrote about if you hit that link.

You could also run into AdultSearch, another site I previously wrote about.  Perhaps you run into this escort guide.  There are many options, and my point is, not all of them will lead you to what you are looking for, which makes this a semi difficult task.

You MAY run into some well-optimized apps and websites designed for sex dating, which is fine by me.  If you’ve read my site before, you know that I like to avoid anything that’s clearly illegal, and I tend to join apps where like-minded individuals are seeking sex.  To me, it’s the way to go.  Why pay an escort when you can genuinely find someone out there who, like you, is looking for a casual relationship?  I don’t judge people either way, but my life has been highly optimized since I’ve been using apps and sites that have a user base of people that are seeking the same type of relationship I am – sexual only.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure that you exercise caution. I would not just blindly have a masseuse of any kind just come to my house.  That’s dangerous, especially when there is some sort of perceived sexual favor going on, it could lead to a pimp coming by!  The last thing I like to do is have people in shady industry’s know where I live, so again, proceed with caution.  If you are simply seeking a rub down, and perhaps any additional favors that may be implied when you add the word erotic, be careful wherever you meet up with these providers.  Again, to repeat my disclosure, don’t do anything illegal, and don’t do anything that’s not of mutual interest. These girls have gotten arrested as have the guys hiring them for their services. Stings happen all the time, see the pic below…

massage parlor busts
Credit: Channel 6 News

For my money, I stick to the sex dating sites.  For less than one massage, you can get full access to 1,000’s (well actually around here it’s 10’s of thousands locally) of women who will be ready to go and fulfill your every desire with a simple contact.  My current favorite is this app.  Of course, not all of them will be into you, and vice versa, but that’s part of the game in the sex dating space.

Good luck, and happy hunting.


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