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Black Dating Sites To Consider Using Today

I’ve done my fair share of black women here in Miami. Some clubs like King of Diamonds, The Body, Club Rolex, and others all cater to men that like black women. Well, if you’re into banging ebony babes, then chances are you’ll find PLENTY of them here in The 305. Not everyone likes to hang out at these clubs though. Instead, they prefer to use dating sites and apps. As of now, I tend to lean towards these ebony hookup sites and mobile apps versus the clubs.

This article should save you some time and most likely a lot of money. No reason to hit Tootsies and Deans in Miami. You’ll get laid using the best black dating networks below. Oh, but beware, some of them turned out to be shady and didn’t deliver. I’ve disclosed all this below as well…

black dating options

Black Dating Apps & Website Options

Race tends to be a point of contention for some people, but at the end of the day, we’re all just humans looking for love. This is no different when it comes to our dating lives. Just about everyone yearns for human connection, regardless of the color of their skin. However, the predispositions of certain people can make dating as a Black man or woman more difficult than it needs to be, even in today’s societies.

If you’re a person of color who’s been struggling to find the right dating site to fit your needs, read on! I daresay that below, I’ve stumbled across at least one or two “race-positive” dating sites that have the potential of introducing you to plenty of potential new partners!



Black Wink tries to market itself as a classy, upscale option for young African-American professionals to meet for both short & long-term romantic situations. Upon first entering the site, you’re confronted with a modern-looking logo and a color scheme that screams “bottle service.”

These initial glimpses were quite promising and encouraged us to continue digging into the site to see what was there. Unfortunately, the deeper I got, the more concerned I became.

Profile creation on Black Wink is notable stripped down, taking less than a minute to complete. No complicated questions or drawn-out biographies are requested, instead, you’ll just be prompted to enter your location, marital status, gender, and a few other simple details before heading into the site itself.

Messaging starts almost immediately after you’ve created your profile, an almost surefire sign that something hinky is happening behind the scenes. Considering that the ability to read messages is only available to Premium members, it seems fairly likely that the mass of texts I almost instantly received were bots, the idea being that you’d click a message, and be redirected to a membership upgrade page.

Another confusing part of Black Wink was the sheer amount of non-Black women I saw with profiles. Seeing as this is a website specifically for African-Americans, what are these people doing here? And also, how were their profiles ever even approved.

The answer to this is in Black Wink’s fine print. As is a common trick for many sites like this, Black Wink states that they’re free to use duplicates of your profile across their sister sites. This policy works in both directions, meaning that you could ostensibly be surfing Black Wink and come across profiles of people who never even knew they were being displayed there.

While I certainly can’t say that Black Wink is completely devoid of a membership base, thanks to the many reviews, I can definitely say that the site is hiding a scam around just about every corner. Do yourself a favor & steer clear of this one.



Next up today I’ve got Black Singles, whose purpose is pretty obvious. Primarily for African-Americans, this site is actually available to international individuals as well.

Something immediately attractive about Black Singles was their active community. The forums & message boards have a very persistent following, something I tend to see as crucial to growing a user base, let alone one that continues it’s participation well after they’ve found their match.

This community continues into their chat rooms as well, with several options to choose from as you survey the landscape. While it may not be the best way to find a partner, chat rooms are certainly conversation starters, especially where African-American culture is concerned.

Another thing I liked about Black Singles was their “Diary” function, which serves as a sort of “status update” for members. This is yet another perfect way to start a conversation between members and can only serve to benefit thirsty singles.

When I looked into the existing reviews & testimonials for Black Singles, they almost spoke for themselves, with a lot of folks reporting successful experiences in finding a partner here. While I’m sure not every one of these statements was wholly accurate, there were plenty of descriptions that left me convinced.

One thing to note about Black Singles is that, like every other site on this list, they employ fake profiles & bots. However, for this site, in particular, it isn’t nearly as detrimental to the overall experience. While you might get the occasional fraudulent profile sending bothersome stock messages, for the most part, the Black Singles does a pretty good job of keeping the experience clear of these sorts of issues.

Overall, I had a pretty decent experience with Black Singles. While they fall prey to issues commonly seen on sites like this, they at least attempt to prevent them. If you’re a person of color looking to find your match, Black Singles presents a viable option. I suggest you give it a closer look.


black fling

Last up today I’ve got Black Fling, a site dedicated to finding black singles some one-night stand fun. As soon as you start taking a look around on Black Fling, it’s obvious that they’re all about glorifying the African female form.

Security seems to be high-priority on BlackFling.com, something I was pleasantly surprised by. They employ a few different means of validating new member’s identities, a move that goes far beyond the typical “check your email” methods. Black Fling also employs the latest in security hardware & software.

Between these two ingredients, it’s almost a guarantee that your participation here will be kept confidential. However, if you’re truly concerned, the site offers even more security options. Once you’ve upgraded to one of their premium member options you’ll get more.

Another bright spot on BlackFling.com is that they’re gloriously free of bots & spam. This is no doubt due to their stringent security methods and greatly improves the overall member experience.

The free user experience is actually pretty full-featured on here. They offer messaging, profile creation, and basic photo uploads and their “starter” features, but these are more than adequate for individuals who’re just trying to check the site out.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience on Black Fling. The member profiles tended to be very real, the free experience is relatively satisfying, and their security is apparently top-notch. I’d definitely give Black Fling a thumbs up. Why not give it a shot? If you’re looking for something more niche open when it comes to ethnicity, then do yourself a favor and give the main Fling site a shot. You’ll have WAY MORE options there.

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  1. Top dating sites Norway says:

    Meet Norway singles online & chat in the forums!
    DHU is a 100% free dating site to find personals & casual encounters in Norway.

    1. DHU is 100% NOT on my top list because it doesn’t work as good as you say. Perhaps it does in Norway, but not in the United States.

  2. I tried the site you have listed and everyone of them are a pain in the ass to even join ,, you have any that are a little easier ??

    1. Hi Rick, if you think that signing up for a dating network is a pain in the ass, then perhaps you don’t have the patience for dating via apps/sites and it’s not for you. These are pretty standard registration processes that are about as easy as it gets. If you’re not willing to put in that work, then this isn’t for you.

  3. I’m just looking for bodyrubs. I don’t like massage parlors. Backpage was great for this as there were independents. Will I find that?

    1. Ryan Malone says:

      Chris, if you read some of my updates you’ll see that I explain how to meet girls who are willing to give body rubs and massages on dating sites. They’re everywhere, you just need to know how to find them.

    2. Priceless says:

      Hi Sweety..right here look no further if your in Tx.
      Get @me on Tinder im in S.A

  4. David Smith says:

    Most of these sites are for usa and I live in scotland.
    Is tehir any app for scotland?
    Your you did this 2018 and its almost 2020 now so any chance you could update the website?

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