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Black Wink Review: Everything Automated, No Real Black Girls

I really love hooking up with black girls and I do it on the regular. That’s the main reason why I decided to join the Black Wink dating site. I’ll give you a run down of everything that I learned about the black dating site. You might learn a few things that you’ll disapprove of. I’ll reveal everything that you want to know about the website and any other site connected with this. I’ll kick things off by giving you an idea of the features that occur on this site. One thing that I will say before getting started is that this site doesn’t touch any even the worst free sex app that I use today.

Black Wink Reviews

All The Black Wink Features And My Personal Review Of It

When joining this site, you’ll learn gain access to the following features:

Email Inbox – They allow members to reach out to each other via internal emails.

Search Box – Black Wink has a search function that allows you to search for members based on location, marital status, religion, hair color and lots of other things.

Chat Room – There are chat rooms on the site that allow you to connect with members based on interests.

Typical Profile – The site offers the ability to edit your profile, upload photos and more.

Update Feed – There’s a feed that shows all the people that have viewed your profile.

General Site Overview

Before I share the details, I’m going to give you a basic rundown of the site. This dating site claims to help connect users with black people looking to hookup. If you’re wondering if this is really dating website, then you’re not the only one. I took the time to thoroughly investigate things and learned that it’s a site owned by Nelfor Services Limited. They also own a number of other dating sites like IWantU.com, VictoriaBrides.com, and HookupsFinder.com. They own a lot more sites too.

When I joined the site, I quickly learned a lot about the site. In short, I was able to come across the following things that led me to learn how awful of a dating site this really is.

  • Fake Emails
  • Auto Winks
  • Computer Generated IMs
  • Stolen Pics
  • Unbelievable Terms of Service

I’ll do my best and cover each of these areas one at a time….

They Send Fake Email

When I joined the site, I barely completed my profile and quickly learned that the site sends fake emails to all the users. The reason I was able to determine this was because I had no photo and no real bio setup. Within a period of 24 hours, I had received a ton of emails. Whenever you receive a number of emails on a site where your profile is barely setup, it’s safe to say that it’s totally fake.

They Send Auto Winks Too

The site is called Black Wink and not having a “wink” feature would be foolish. What’s even more foolish is that fact that they send fake winks to users. These winks are not real. They send them to entice you to upgrade your membership. The winks are sent by bots and computer software. It’s a typical marketing gimmick that they put in place, that’s all.

Instant Messaging Ploy

Black Wink will also send you tons of instant messages. These will be from fake women that don’t actually exist. The kicker here is that if you want to connect with these people sending IMs then you need to upgrade your membership. I’m not joking when I say you’ll likely end up sending 50+ instant messages. These messages are beyond annoying and the girls sending them are not even hot.

Lots of Stolen Photos

You’ll notice that there are tons of stolen photos that are used on Black Wink website. I did a quick image search and notice that lots of the images of users are those that you’ll find all over the internet. They completely ripped other dating sites and social forums online. That’s how they got their hands on the images. This is something I do not agree with doing at all.

Terms Of Service

The terms and conditions are agreed upon when registering. That’s how they get away with what they do. If you were to try and sue the company or attempt to get your money back because of the fake users, you’re screwed. They cover their butts in the legal jargon writing in the terms.

Contacting The Company

If you want to cancel your membership, then you need to do yourself a favor and email them by contacting support@blackwink.com and explaining why you want to cancel.

Conclusion: Black Wink Sucks So Don’t Join The Site

After using the Black Wink website I’ve come to the conclusion that the site absolutely sucks big time. All they want is your money and the fake profiles and communications are not going to help you get laid at all. Don’t waste your time using this site. Instead, what you should do is join one of the sex apps that I’ve recommended on this site.

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