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Top 10 Hottest GoDaddy Girls & Their Commercials [Videos]

I run a website, so it goes without saying that I need hosting in order to make that happen. Well, being the dirty dude that I am, I obviously have been hooking up with hot girls on Instagram as well as those far naughtier on Instabang. It goes without saying that girls are always on my mind at all times. As I came across the Godaddy site, I thought to myself, I wonder how many super hot Godaddy girls have actually been used to market their company? I guess you could call it a sexy ambassador of some sort.

Well, given that I’m all about these ambassadors, I set out to research this topic. In doing so, here’s what I did.

  1. I spent 8 hours researching all the girls that Godaddy has ever hired.
  2. Then I searched high and low for various video commercials and photo shoots of these girls.
  3. Additionally, I actually attempted to reach out to these girls in an attempt to meet and eventually go on a date with them.

Full disclosure, I wasn’t all that successful in meeting and taking the girls on dates, but that’s okay. I ended up learning a ton about each of the girls and I’m here today to share that information with you. At the very least, you’ll be able to watch these videos and RIPNDIP it up while doing so, lol!

Top 10 Godaddy Girls

For those unfamiliar with Godaddy and the services they provide, the company is probably the most well-known domain registrar, SSL certificates, web design and website hosting company on the planet. They’ve got 6,000+ employees that work for the company. Yes, they are huge! Now most importantly, they’re known for being the most risque company when it comes to Super Bowl and other major televised events due to the nature of the commercials produced.

My All-Time Top 10 List Of The Best GoDaddy Girls

Anna Rawson – Not familiar with the professional female golfer? Well, then you may not be a golf fan. Anna Rawson is featured in the commercial that aired back in 2010. The name of the commercial was “Genie” and it was an Internet-based commercial that they filmed. Regardless, she made the cut and looks bomb dot com. See what I did there, hehe.

Marina Orlova – The blonde bombshell from HotForWords ended up in the “Chasing Tail” commercial playing the teacher role. She’s no longer around but looks amazing still I’m sure. The Russian girl has become an Internet sensation with the HotForWords and this commercial.

Jillian Michaels – I might be the biggest Jillian Michaels fan on the planet. In this “No Sweat” Godaddy commercial, she looks her absolute best and turns on millions of customers to the Godaddy.com services. She can be seen hitting the heavy bag, working up a sweat and burning more calories in a single workout than you do in a year. Seriously, she’s amazing.

Danica Patrick – If you’ve seen any Godaddy advertisements, then chances are you’ve seen the Danica Patrick ads. She’s basically the female mascot of the company or ambassador I guess and she’s also was the Nascar GoDaddy driver just a couple of years ago. This was her original commercial that was actually banned by NBC.com for being too hot.

Bar Rafaeli – In 2013 this commercial made the world stop everything they were doing and focus in on the kissing. That’s right, Bar Rafaeli created a Godaddy commercial where she kissed some nerd on camera and it was featured during the 2013 Super Bowl. You need to see this…

Natalia Velez – Now, although I couldn’t find the TV commercial that was shareable, I wanted to fill you in on who Natalia Velez is and why she’s a top Godaddy girl. She was featured in a commercial wearing nothing but body paint to promote the new .co extension. Needless to say, she’s an instant boner. The commercial features Jillian Michaels and Danica Patrick as well. I wish I had it to share, but I don’t!

Rachelle Wood – This beautiful woman plays the role of a pizza server in the “Sexy Frank” TV commercial. It has nothing to do with websites or domains, but it keeps you in focus just because she’s literally that hot. I love pizza and hot girls, so Rachelle Wood makes the cut here without a doubt.

Michelle Hayden – I love the Michelle Hayden commercial. It features her posing as Marlena and some nerdy guy named Wallace. Marlena can be seen wearing bright green latex gloves in some sort of doctor’s office. Wallace thankfully isn’t featured much at all. Who cares about that guy anyway right, lol. The best line of the ad, “Marlena makes balloon animals without using her hands.” I love it, she’s fantastic. Her commercial is showcased below.

Amy Weber – I love this girl. Amy Weber poses as the GoDaddy girl in bed with a couple looking to pick out names. The premise is that a threesome occurs at the end of the commercial. If you don’t have a crush on this brunette in the video below, then I don’t know what to say! She’s a top 10 for sure!

Candice Michelle – The 2005 GoDaddy ad featuring Candice Michelle was probably one of the first that made our head spin and eyes pop out. It was filmed in a courtroom setting and she appeared as a witness named Nikki Cappelli. Seriously, if she’s hot enough to be named on the Mr.Skin website then she’s most definitely hot enough to be on my top ten Godaddy girls list!

Check out her commercial:

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