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Hottest Places To Have Sex In A Hotel

There are many places in a hotel to have sex. Having sex in a bed is boring! Actually, that’s what boring people think. It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying in an average hotel or if you’re staying at the W or the Wynn in Las Vegas. Having sex in any single one of them is incredible. You should not limit your time at a specific location in the hotel room (the bed). I’ll give you plenty of places that you can try to fuck someone in.

Best Places To Have Sex In A Hotel

Places To Have Sex In A Hotel Other Than The Bed

Here are some awesome options for you if you want to have sex in a hotel, but not restrict yourself to just the bed. Chances are you will thoroughly enjoy fucking in these places within the hotel.

Common Bathroom
If you’re staying in a nice place, the bathrooms are probably super private and legit as fuck. Bathrooms are an incredible choice for those that want to get a quickie in while on the go. I’ve fucked a few dimes in a bathroom before. In fact, I’ve had sex in some of the best hotels but the Wynn is my favorite for fucking.

Workout Room
I don’t care where you’re staying, is typically equipped with a nice workout facility, cardio room or weight room. I’ll be the first to say that people get their sweat on in there. I’m not talking about just working out either. Get your heart rate jacked up by fucking some girl on some cardio equipment. Just be careful to look out for any cameras that might be present.

If you are staying in a busy place, this one can be rather tricky. Drunk people love hooking up in elevators. Doing so is actually quite exciting. I get a blowjob or two from time to time in elevators becaus I love it. I haven’t fucked in a long time in an elevator but it’s just because I haven’t spent much time in any lodging locations the past couple months.

Steam Room or Hot Tub
The hot tub is pretty fucking money if you want to fuck. I’ve had sex in a hot tub and it’s pretty incredible. I actually had my first experience doing this just after graduating high school. Yes, it was super fun and definitely something that you want to try and accomplish. The steam room is another option and it’s very easy to accomplish if the place you are staying has a coed steam room.

Lots of places to stay in have a killer rooftop that’s absolutely incredible for the views alone. I have to be completely upfront with you and let you know that this is my favorite place to have sex in a hotel. Why? Because the view is incredible and it’s super difficult to accomplish!

These are all great places that you can have sex in a hotel other than in your bed. If you don’t have the balls to take risks then I don’t know why you’re even reading this online dating website. I promise if you put forth the effort to try and fuck girls in weird places in hotels across the country, you’ll have fun. Just try out one of these and I can guarantee that you’ll have a ball!


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