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Today’s list is a little bit different from some of our others. Today, I’m going to be covering a few of the most popular adult, dating, & porn review sites on the Web today. While I’m definitely aware that this is a little bit “meta,” I’m dedicated to providing you with the top sites in any genre, even if we may be providing you with links to the “competition!”

So, strap in, and get ready to hear about just what makes their top-tier reviewing sites (aside from mine) so darn worthwhile.

Best adult review sites

Best Adult Review Sites Online (Dating & Adult Video)

As previously mentioned, this is a top list of the most popular adult review websites and why they’re considered to be top-notch. I don’t believe that I need to cover since I’ve made a point to cover what I’m all about on the homepage. You don’t really need any of these sites listed below since I cover pretty much the same thing. However, that said, I’m going to suggest knowing which they are and what they cover. You’ll find that they cover some of the same escort sites, hookup sites, dating forums, etc. Here’s a quick rundown of things…

1) The Best Porn

the best porn logo

Our first site today is The Best Porn, a review site that’s been running consistently for over 15 years. They make a point to hire experienced editors who have experience reviewing adult “pay-to-play” websites. The Best Porn almost markets itself as a “Buyer’s Guide,” for adult sites, providing detailed breakdowns regarding every facet of whichever site they’re reviewing.

The Best Porn also has its fair share of accolades, earning not one but two distinct awards, with the first being the 2007 XBIZ Winner for Adult Site of the Year. The second of these was the 2011 XBIX Winner for Portal/Review Site of the Year. When you consider just how many like-minded sites are out there on the Web, it’s no small feat that The Best Porn managed to claim even one of these awards, let alone two!

The combination of a legitimate history in the industry, the site’s focus on honest reviewing, and their impressive batch of rewards are what have put TheBest Porn at the top of today’s list.

2) The Porn Dude

the porn dude

Next today, we’ve got The Porn Dude, a site that’s purportedly run by just one man who claims to have created it by “fapping his dick off.” The site is a huge collection of both free and premium porn sites, offering just about any subculture of kink you can think of.

Something attractive about The Porn Dude is that they stick to their claims of being completely ad-free, which makes exploring the site an absolute breeze. Another part of the site’s approach that screams reputability is their offer of communicating directly with the site’s founder & apparent moderator. He seemingly provides his Skype & Twitter information directly from the site. If legitimate, this is an unprecedented level of access to the backend of the site. The guy even encourages you to reach out.

Another feature we really liked was The Porn Dude’s “Hall of Fame,” where up-and-coming sites are described & promoted without all of the extra reviewing breakdowns. This means that with a simple click you can skip sites with extensive histories & instead, view the latest & greatest that this guy’s seen recently.

While The Porn Dude doesn’t necessarily have the same visual flair as some other review sites, it offers a completely free product that does a really competent job of providing its guests with detailed porn listings, which is why we’ve included it here.

3) Porn Inspector

porn inspector

Third up is Porn Inspector, a smaller review site with a small, dedicated group of reviewers that produce regular, up-to-date content. While some review sites are much more concerned with pushing positive reviews, Porn Inspector instead attempts to give you the nitty-gritty details on every site, be they positive or negative.

What we enjoyed about Porn Inspector is their conversational tone. Instead of cutting their points into individual blurbs, they simply provide “Impressions.” These are great breakdowns of site features & offerings that are well-written & engaging.

It isn’t every day that you can actually get some entertainment value from this type of site, but Porn Inspector aims to do just that. They also make a huge point to promote free sites over paid sites, meaning that Porn Inspector is great for bargain hunters.

If you’re in a bit of a hurry, Porn Inspector offers two types of reviews, quick & complete. These are relatively self-explanatory, with the complete reviews going into much greater detail about the site, its ownership, and other behind-the-scenes questions.

In an attempt to broaden their offers, Porn Inspector also hosts a “Featured Models” section, where visitors can rate photos of models, provided they’ve registered with the site first.

Porn Inspector is a great option for users who enjoy a bit of reading and are genuinely concerned with the quality of their paid & free content.

4) Rabbits Reviews

rabbits reviews

Unlike other sites of this type, Rabbits Reviews offers a money-back guarantee, something that’s altogether rare. This is partially due to the fact that their lists & ranking contain several “trusted partner sites” that are owned by the same parent company as Rabbit’s, so if you pay & aren’t satisfied there’s no complicated system of refunds, they’ll instead just use the information you’ve provided to get you your money back, ASAP. In this same vein, Rabbits Reviews offers several exclusive deals to its partner sites, which makes finding deals here that much easier.

Their reviews are well organized as well, with just about any category you could think of being offered up. In addition to porn sites, they also review things like cam feeds and dating apps. While White Rabbits is technically “pay-to-play,” it offers a high-quality, low-risk experience that’s many other reviewers either can’t or don’t care to provide.

5) TBlop


Next up today is Tblop, a site that’s less about the reviews and more about the listings. While the site gives ratings for the different companies found in its lists, they don’t go into the same amount of detail that the other sites mentioned on this list do. Instead, they act more like a “mega-aggregator,” collecting every link they find related to porn & dating. Then, using a simple back-end algorithm, the site assembles its many lists.

The one bit of novelty to the site is its ranking system. Members who’ve signed up for a profile are then ranked via their site activity, giving users nicknames like “Prude” or “Hottie.” While not the biggest addition to the site, it does succeed in making Tblop a bit more engaging than it otherwise would be.

Tblop certainly doesn’t offer a personalized approach to a review site, but their simplistic design and completely ad-free user space make the website a decent contender to users who just want a simple list of links & sites. If you want to read my Tblop review, then please feel free to do so.

6) Porn Discount

Okay, so this last site doesn’t just focus on adult reviews, but they’ve got massive discounts and deals for the latest premium porn sites. It’s called and it’s basically a blog that updates readers with the most current porn deals available today. The site isn’t sexy or pretty, but the deals are dope AF.

Another thing that I like about Porn Discount is that they publish the hottest porn ads. This is something that’s helpful for those who want to quickly identify the latest ads and which scenes are associated with the ads. They do a solid job here with this for sure. Visit Porn Discount for the official premium porn site deals today. Speaking of deals, this next one has a bunch of great deals!

7) Porn Deals

The website has been around for years. Literally longer than I can even remember. It’s one of the best for those looking to get discounted access to the major adult networks. You will not find any dating deals here, but you will find some really great options for joining,, and many other porn networks. It’s definitely worth mentioning, that’s for sure!

Conclusion: All You Need Is

So, these sites listed above are pretty awesome, but the fact of the matter is that if you’re looking for details on adult dating offers, all you need is the site.


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