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Snapcheat – Is It Really Cheating?

Social media is a haven for people that want to cheat. All of the various social platforms are where people cheat on a daily basis. There are some people that question whether or not communicating through them is actually cheating. One popular term that comes to mind when thinking about this is Snapcheat.

Pretty much everyone is on Snapchat. It’s a fun way to talk to your friends and send them pictures without having to worry about them being saved, passed around or sticking around for too long. Once you get it, it self-destructs and that’s the appeal. It’s so widely used, in fact, that people have come up with ways to turn it into sex. It turns out that many married and attached people are using it to cheat on their spouses. It happens so often that it’s become known as a “Snapcheat.”

the facts of snapcheat

Everything You Need To Know About Partaking In Snapcheat Activity

I’ll kick this off with the tried and true definition…

The Definition Of Snapcheat

When you get a snap sent to you that you believe is sexy and just for you, you feel amazing. The other person is so into you, that he or she has sent you a naughty little gift that no one else will ever see. At least that’s what you think.

Have you ever gone on to find that someone else saw that exact same picture? Well, congratulations! You’ve just been introduced to snapcheating! It happens all the time and there’s really no way to avoid it. If there’s a way to cheat, some people will do it.

How To Snapcheat (The Right Way)

When considering your own snapchat cheats, there’s a certain way to go about it. First and foremost, don’t use Snapchat! It’s far too easy and it’s not as secure as you believe it is. While the image you send may not be available to the person you send it to for a very long, that doesn’t mean it gets permanently deleted. In fact, the company has gone on record saying that it doesn’t. It simply gets stored and they now have the rights to it. Scary, right?

What you want to do is join a snap dating site. The people who snapcheat here have more control over what they do and what happens to the pictures. You can rest assured that they’re being treated with discretion. That’s why the app exists. Whatever you do, you need to make sure you join the right one because some of them are frauds, like this one here.

Once you join, you only want to use the dating platform’s messaging service. Once again, that’s why it’s there. It’s more secure and you don’t have to leave any evidence on your phone. It will save you a ton of heartache down the road.

How To Not Get Caught Snapcheating

Most importantly, never be stupid enough to send a face photo. The person you’re talking to probably doesn’t care anyway. They just want a piece of your package and that’s all they need to see.

Now that you’re knee deep in snapcheats, it’s up to you not to get caught. There are a few things that you can do to ensure this doesn’t happen, like hiding the icon on your phone. The worst that can happen is your spouse open it up and seeing the app right on the home screen.

Never tell a soul you’re using it. You exist in the Snapchat cheats world, they don’t exist in the real world. It’s the first rule of cheating. You don’t want to mix things at all. Keep things completely separate or you’ll have bigger issues on your hands. Finally, never use your real name. Keep yourself anonymous and enjoy your fresh, new sex friends.

Assuming that you want to just snap and not meet, then you’re good to go. However, I like to meet people in person after sending snaps back and forth to one another via my trusty secret snap sex platform. If you’re looking to check out all the best snap dating sites, then you’ll find them listed on the index page of my site.

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