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How To Hook Up On College GameDay

I’m a huge college football fan. Seriously, I might be the biggest college football fan you know. Today I’m going to share something special with you, how to hook up on college gameday. For some, college gameday is a tradition that’s more important than any holiday or event that takes place throughout the year. I’ve made some of my best memories during these Saturday football showdowns. As I sit here watching ESPN college gameday, I’m reminded of just how much fun those days were and how easy it was to get laid while in college. These are literally the best days to try and meet someone new to hook up with.

I don’t care whether you’re attending some small division two school or a monster football program like Alabama or the University of Miami. There’s plenty of opportunities out there to find someone to hook up with on a Saturday during college football season.

How To Hook Up During College Gameday

9 Simple Tips On How To Hook Up On College Gameday

Again, I want to reiterate the fact that it doesn’t matter what college or university you go to. It’s entirely possible to get laid on just about any campus on a gameday. I’ve literally traveled all over the place and made it happen on numerous campuses. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Alabama, University of Miami, even Syracuse, I successfully been able to hook up with girls during gamedays.

Here’s what you need to know…

Start Early

If you’re getting out there and tailgating on college gameday an hour before kickoff, then you’re way too late. You need to get the party started early. Sometimes it’s even best to get tailgating as early as the night before. This establishes a solid headquarters and vibe that can increase your chances of hooking up.

Use Tools

One thing you need to do if you want to be successful is, use all the tools available. By tools I mean mobile dating apps, hook up websites, mutual friend introductions, the whole nine yards! I personally suggest logging into your sex dating apps the night before and that you start seeking out people that are college football fans within your city/town. You need to find out who’s going to be at the game, so you the geolocation technology to your advantage.

Group Drinking Games

When at the tailgate, be sure to work in some group drinking games with the girls you’re hanging out with. You want to establish a connection and communication with them. Why not do so over a game of flip cup or beer pong? Just do it!

I absolutely LOVE flip cup. Just don’t play with Jack Daniels, that’s dangerous AF! LOL

Hang At Quad

If you’re not tailgating in the main area where all the students are hanging out, then you need to get there pronto. I used to hang at the quad in Alabama and Ole Miss and I spent most of my time tailgating at Hard Rock Stadium for the Canes games. You need to be where the people are, so get there!

Pace Yourself

Don’t drink too much too quickly because you’re going to cause huge problems for yourself. No one wants to have sex or hook up with someone puking their guts out. Keep that in mind when you’re about to take your fifth shot within the first hour of tailgating.

Compliment Them

You need to compliment the girls that you’re hanging out with. Make them feel pretty, wanted, and sexy. I’ve done well over the years laying basic compliments out there for girls. It’s been really helpful in lining up fifth quarter fun.

Message Girls

When using the dating sites and hook up apps, you need to message girls within the networks. Don’t just message random girls though. Message girls that are within a mile radius and possibly attending the game. You can update your profile to read, Looking To Hook Up At Canes Game” or “Rolltide Ready To Bang” or whatever. Get creative and keep things going during the tailgate and after kickoff. Heck, if you think the timing is right, work in some local sexting with these girls!

Get Close During Game

During the game, you’re going to want to sit next to girls that you’ve been tailgating with. This is a great opportunity to get closer to them and even get some physical interaction if you play your cards right. This works great if your team is winning too.

After Party

Okay, so you’ve got to ask them to an after-party event and keep the party going. I’ve had most success banging on college gameday after the game ends. That’s when my party really kicks off. Invite someone back to your dorm, house, apartment, or another party you’re attending.

Well, those nine tips will 100% help you hook up on gameday whether or not you’re a football fan. Fake it until you make it if necessary. It’s all about getting it in, right! Bonus tip: Use my #1 app over all others if you’re not doing so already.

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