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Flings Relationship Meaning

Having a “fling” has been tossed around a lot in pop culture, and now it’s becoming very accepted to have flings.  Today I’ll dive into the “flings relationship meaning” for those of you who may not be up on the vernacular.

What is the Meaning of a Fling Relationship?

Yesterday I talked about having a casual fling, and having a fling relationship isn’t that much different, other than the “R WORD” is thrown in there which insinuates that it’s more of an understanding instead of just frequent hook ups.

If you are looking to enter a fling relationship, it’s important you know what you are getting into.  You should first study some very important points I’ll be making below, and those points are fling relationship rules.  Knowing boundaries, and more so, having them in place and being emotionally agreeable to them, is very important.  When people catch feelings, the relationship can go into great turmoil and the fling can end on a very sour note.

Fling Relationship Rules to Follow

having a fling relationship

So, you want to get into a fling relationship?  Great.  I recommend you visit the fling website and find a partner.  This is the best place to find people who are looking for the same in life.

#1:  Be upfront about your intentions.

Communication is key in these types of arrangements, and being upfront and honest with your partner is the only way this will work out in the long run.  Mention that having a formal relationship is not your intent, and do so from the start.

#2:  Avoid Having Flings With Close Friends

This is the best way to ruin a friendship.  Let’s be honest, every hook up does NOT end in marriage. There’s a reason for that.  Most people aren’t compatible or are curious of other items that can come up over time and want to explore dating other people.  Don’t have flings with friends and you’ll be able to keep them exactly that – close friends.

#3:  Dont’ get involved with Ex’s!

Doing this can be a scary plan.  He or she is your ex for a reason.  Never forget that.

#4:  Use Protection

This is simple. Condoms help stop the spread of diseases.

#5:  Leave Your Family Out

Don’t be making intro’s and lead people on.  Be discreet and enjoy the hook up.

#6:  Set Rules

Having rules is the best way to make this work.  If your partner wants to go to movies and stuff like that, and you don’t, there will be social issues.  Be clear about your privacy intent.

#7:  Know when to Fold Em

When the fling is over or you aren’t having fun, or worse, it’s causing pain or stress on your life, end it. It’s a fling, and that’s all.  Let it go, but do so professionally.

#8:  Don’t be Clingy or Emotional

Jealousy and being clingy have no place in a fling relationship.  Leave your emotions back home and again, just enjoy the hook ups.

#9:  Enjoy it!

This is a fling relationship.  Enjoy it.  There is nothing better than no strings attached hook ups that have zero potential or desire to go further beyond that. Isn’t this what life is all about, at least at some point?

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