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casual flings

What Does it Mean to Have a Casual Fling?

Some people dislike labels when they start dating someone, and many terms get thrown around to describe this type of relationship.  “Casual dating” gets thrown around very casually, but what exactly is the meaning of having a casual fling?

Talking from the point of view from someone who has had many casual flings, let me weight in! 

What is Casual Dating?

casual dating

This definition of casual dating is having a relationship with someone where you go out and spend time together dating, but in a way where your long term future or goals isn’t really part of the discussion. When you casually date someone you like them enough to want to see them often but you aren’t ready to fully commit to that one person or be in something more serious.

“Casual dating” essentially says that you are open to dating other people.

Why Casually Dating Happens?

Most people casually date someone because they feel lonely or perhaps are new to a certain environment.  Having a connection with someone, even on a micro level, can help one acclimate to new surroundings while enjoying local cuisine without pressure of any strings attached.

Casual Dating vs. Casual Flings


You can hook up with someone you date casually, but it’s a tiny bit different than having casual encounters.  For many, casual dating doesn’t involve intercourse.  However, if you have “friends with benefits,” a “booty call,” or ‘F*ck buddy,” that’s a bit different because in those scenarios you aren’t making it a point to go out.  It’s just simply casual sex and hook ups.

Now, I’ve done and continue to go down both paths, and for me, I like having flings with women I mainly meet on the Fling .com website.  (It’s a legendary site for this type of thing.)

Casual Fling Dating

Now that I’ve gone into great detail about casual dating, let’s talk about fling dating.  This is more my cup of tea, and I highly recommend that if you want an intimate partner, (or more), in your life, that you check out having a casual fling.  I’ve been in arrangements with many of women who simply are too busy to date someone, have tried and failed too many times, or who are divorced and simply don’t want to try marriage again, but of course, they have sexual thoughts and need romance in their lives.

When you go into a relationship with casual dating in mind, some people confuse this with being a swinger.  Being a swinger is different because swingers mainly have a partner they are in an emotional and physical relationship with but they permit their partner to play with other people, whether it be a man, woman, or couple.  Some places I’ve talked about that in past blog posts are Swinger Date Club, and SLS Lifestyle.  I urge you to read those reviews if you want to get my full take on each, as each has it’s own pro’s and con’s.


So there you have it, all you need to know about the definition of casual flings.  I urge you to get into one if you find yourself single and ready to mingle.

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