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What is an Asian Fetish or Yellow Fever?

Fetishes are part of society, and everyone is free to make choices of their own that can fuel their inhibitions, so I don’t judge when people have fetishes.  An “Asian fetish” is something that’s quite common as many Asian women are very attractive and exotic.  They have unique characteristics that are simply different from all other types of women, and today I’ll touch on Asian fetishes and talk about a derogatory word that gets thrown around a lot – Yellow Fever.  I’m not trying to isolate this fetish to just women, but as a straight man I don’t really care to examine Asian men in this blog post, so apologies up front for any women coming here for info on having a male Asian fetish.

For more rants about fetishes, and most likely a good chuckle along the way for any normies out there, I invite you to check out the below pages:

Asian Fetishes

An Asian fetish is when someone has a strong sexual attraction to people of Asian heritage.  This term usually is confined to people of East or Southeast Asian descent, which is a very important item to point out because countries like India and Pakistan are of Asian descent, but the looks of women are drastically different in those parts. That’s not to say I wouldn’t smash some of the beauties over there, but on average, you’ll find a woman from say the Phillipines more attractive 9.9 times out of ten than a woman from India.

Here's a reason why a lot of men have fetishes and go bonkers over Asian women.  #SMOKESHOW

What is Yellow Fever?

This term is often thrown around to suggest the fetishes of East Asians that are from people of other (non Asian) ethnic groups.  It’s important to know that “yellow” is a derogatory term to describe people from this region, and therefore “yellow fever” is also derogatory.

You’ll hear people talk about the reasons they prefer Asian women, and they range all over the board but often fall on misinterpretations of their culture.  A lot of times you’ll hear people assume they are passive, mysterious, freakish in bed, and submissive.  You’ll even hear things much more outlandish like “they won’t talk back.”

If this is your reasoning behind dating an Asian woman, you should know that these are simply myths people put out there and while they could be true in isolated situations, they aren’t the norm.  Of course, you could join Fling.com and do a search for “Asian” in your vicinity and come up with some options that suit your desires.  I know that site has the most women on there that are ready to be freaky because I use it every week.

Having a Type vs. Having a Fetish

Not all interests in a certain culture or styles of having sex are technically a fetish.  I recently touched on the disgusting poop fetish, and that’s certainly something that falls well into the category of having a fetish as that’s about as wacky as it gets.  Having a “type,” however, can mean you like women with big boobs, women with blonde hair, or women that dress a certain way.  A fetish is much deeper and defined in nature.

Most men are drawn to the exotic features of Asian women and the sheer fact that in most places in the USA, they aren’t as abundant.  Sure, there are markets like San Francisco, St. Paul, and many, many others that have a massive population of women from different parts of Asia, but when you run into middle America, like Iowa, you don’t find an abundance of them in one area unless you actively search for Asian massage parlors.  (And that’s not meant in any derogatory way, I’ve lived in parts of the world with many Asian women, and parts with barely any.  Just spitting facts here.)

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