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What Is Ass Worship? (Definition Below)

I’ve recently been getting an influx of emails asking me the question, “What is ass worship?” and today I’m here to provide you with my personal definition and everything else that you need to know about ass worshiping.

Ass Worship

The Definition Of Ass Worship

For those interested in getting the official definition of ass worship, it is the act of worshipping someone else’s ass. Typically, when a guy is into this act, he wants to bury his face in some girls big booty or he wants to make it rain all over those cheeks while they clap.

It’s a very common thing as millions of Americans (both men and women) are into the ass worship scene. There are some people that take this to the ultimate extreme and incorporate things at the BDSM level. That’s what I’d personally consider hardcore booty worshipping at its best.

ass worshipping twerking

Why Is It So Popular Today?

I think this type of thing has become a more of a trend and popular act given that big asses are actually in style to a certain extent. Also, I believe the online booty call websites are making this more popular as more emerge from the Internet.

Additionally, people out there really get turned on by the thought of eating ass and licking booty. They like to rub oil on girls cheeks and my gosh, can you really blame them for wanting to do so! Although this whole ass worship trend is rather flat over the last few years, it did spike at one point in time.

Who’s into this most? I took the liberty of pulling some data and determined that people living in Connecticut, New Jersey, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina are into the worshipping of the booty more than the rest of the United States.

I actually take offense to that because I’ll tell you right now, I’ve never seen better asses in my life than on Miami Beach. It might have something to do with all the Miami-Dade strip clubs and unfortunately the shady escort scams in the local area too.

How To Connect With People Into Ass Worship?

If you’re looking to connect with locals who want to partake in some of this booty praising then all you need to do is add ass worship to the list of skills within your casual dating profile. That alone will certainly help boost your worshipping chances. Add it to your bio, tagline, and list of skills. If you do this using this booty friendly network right here, you’ll get very far, TRUST ME!

Now, I’ll leave you with a video from Sir Mix-A-Lot…


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  1. Ian f mcdermid says:

    What is Discreet sex now. Com like? Are all the girls on there fake ?

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