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Wingman Definition and How to Get More Women

Everyone needs a wingman!  A wingman, or even sometimes more PC called a “wingmate,” is someone who plays a role of support to someone when they are seeking a connection with someone.  It can be simply approaching someone, seeking a date, or trying to hook up for some romance.  Today I’ll go in depth about the role of a wingman and share with you why having someone on your side can be a serious advantage as you go out on sexual conquests.

top gun

Where Did the Term “Wingman” Come From?

This term was coined thanks to combat aviation in military environments around the time fighter jets started becoming a thing.  When the fighter pilots flew in formation, when either in actual combat or just in training, they referred to the pilot sitting next to them as their “wingman.”  It’s said that in combat, the pilots are trained to both attack and defend in pairs and essentially have each other’s back, and this gave the foundation of the slang term that has become so popular it’s showing up all over mainstream media and in society every day.

It’s a term used often in combat aviation where two planes go on patrol using two fighter planes.  On these Air Force patrols, also called “watches,” the pilot that an aviator is teamed with on their patrol is often called their “wingman.”

In the movie Top Gun, you see both the military background as well as the bar slang meaning play out as the US Navy pilots work in pairs both in combat and in the bar scene.  Val Kilmer’s character, Iceman, famously tells Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, “you can be my wingman any time.”

“You Can Be My Wingman Any Time”

Here’s a clip from the famous quote in Top Gun.  

Having someone working with you is perhaps the best thing you can do if you are trying to get laid tonight.  Working in pairs and keeping your eyes and ears open, as well as feeding off each other’s strengths and weaknesses, is the way to do it.

Wingman Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary defines wingman as a friend that you can bring to a bar or a party to find women more easily, but as society has progressed, we’re seeing that women, along with men, use a wingman as well.   In South Florida I’ve often seen women going out with gay men while they try to break the ice and meet straight men.  Here is the official wingman urban dictionary meaning.

Wingman Synonym

As we often see in pop culture, words are used as a root word and then they have all sorts of synonyms.  In 2021, slang always wins, am I right?

If you are looking to change it up and use a wingman synonym, here are a few that are becoming increasingly popular.

friend, buddy, pal, confidante, accomplice, coxswain, captain, c0-pilot.  

None of those wingman synonyms are any good in my book.  A solid winger is a solid winger, and that’s the only word I need in my vocabulary when I go out on the prowl.

Wingman for a Girl Meaning

You can be a female and have a winger!  There is no right or wrong way to do this, and the term is universally used for women and men alike.  This was a debated topic on this website that speaks about how to properly use the English language.  (I can’t possibly make this up.).

In summary, if you find yourself out in the wild, perhaps at a bar, in a hotel lobby bar, at a club, rave, or concert, and you are looking to hook up, you are always best serve to work in teams.  Having a solid wingman is the best approach to getting the result you want. I must say, I’ve had many good wingers in my day, and many good wingmen who have earned a purple heart for their efforts in getting me to hook up.  However, these days, I largely work alone as I use adult dating websites and start conversations there which end up getting me into bed much sooner with the women I tended to meet in bars and clubs.

Happy hunting my friends!

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