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What Does Papi Mean

If you ever date a Latin woman, you’ll definitely hear them call you Papi.  But what does Papi mean?

Papi definition

The Definition of Papi

Latino children often call their father “Papi,” which translates to “Daddy.”  However, the term can be used as a term of endearment for people, and it’s very common in the sex worker industry.  For example, take a stroll into the gauntlet in the Hotel Del Rey in Costa Rica, and you’ll hear women of all backgrounds calling you Papi and “Papichulo.”  It’s the same in the Colombian Sex scene.

It’s essentially a term that people use when they want to call someone sexy.  It does not mean anything having to do with age or anything like that.

Being in Miami, I hear the term a lot.  The Cuban and Dominican women are the ones who seem to say it the most, but then again, I’ve heard the Colombians and other South Americans use it, so it’s definitely not something that’s restricted to one culture.

If a girl you meet on Amo Latina calls you Papi, it’s probably a good thing. Although, it’s not my website of choice.

However, if you find yourself dating in Miami, you’ll definitely want to be called Papi as much as possible!

Raise your hand (by submitting a comment below) if you have ever been called Papi!


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  1. Ian f mcdermid says:

    What is Discreet sex now. Com like? Are all the girls on there fake ?

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