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What Is Dating Sunday aka #SinglesSunday?

If you’re the type that keeps up with social media as well as the news, then you already know what dating Sunday is and why it’s so important. Assuming you know, then I hope you took action and perhaps even got lucky last night. If not, then no biggie, you’ll just want to know what it is for the next time around.

Dating Sunday

What Exactly Is Dating Sunday?

Well, this is a pretty easy thing to explain…

Dating Sunday also known on Twitter as #datingsunday is exactly what you think. It’s a specific date that was projected to be the busiest online dating day of the entire year. That day was January 6, 2019, and the reason that it was is that of a prediction in single people spiking on this day. My guess is that it has everything to do with people’s new year resolutions and to create a better or happier life.

New Year New Me!

How do I know that this is true? Well, I know this because data doesn’t lie. According to Hinge, back in 2017, there were 41% more people that started conversations with other singles in-app and 59% more in 2018. That tells us that the first Sunday after the new year is a major changing day or breaking point for many in unhealthy or unhappy relationships.

But what does this mean for sex dating? Well, it means the exact same thing really! The more people that are unhappy and split, the more people there are that will join these casual dating networks just to keep it simple. If you missed #DatingSunday or #SinglesSunday then fear not, you’ve got plenty of time to still take action and make strides.

But first, there are things you must look out for!

The first thing you need to remember is that you cannot just join a site and expect people to come flocking to you. If you’re using a mobile app even if only casually, you still need to put in the work to make it count. Spend a lot of time putting together the copy for your dating profile and make sure it’s top notch. The more people that join these networks, the more competition. So you need to bring your A-Game!

If you’re looking to take the jump and make a move to unite with some of these “Dating Sunday” action takers, then you need to join a site that works. You’ll find plenty of options on the front page of my blog. Should you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask.

Dating Sunday Steve Harvey

Have a great week everyone!

Oh, and if you think I’m full of it, then you’re dead wrong. That just leaves more for us out there that believe in these hookup networks and app dating fiascos, after all, it does the job just fine!

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  1. Ian f mcdermid says:

    What is Discreet sex now. Com like? Are all the girls on there fake ?

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