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What Is Panromantic?

Panromantic is a term that’s used among people in the online dating world. They use this to describe their sexual preference and attraction.

The Definition:

Someone who is romantically attracted to all sexes, however, they do not feel any type of sexual attraction to the individual.

Let me help you better understand this here…

A panromantic person will basically date and start a relationship with anyone regardless of their sex. However, they typically only take action in a romantic manner when the individual is in direct alignment with whatever sexual orientation they may have.

So, to further break things down, a female who is a panromantic heterosexual would basically be willing to date anyone regardless of their gender. However, they would only feel that attraction sexually towards a male that they are dating. In other words, she’d be willing to date another girl, but would not be willing to have sex with that girl.

To sum things up, the panromantic heterosexual will date anyone but only feels a sexual attraction toward the opposite sex. A panromantic lesbian will date a guy but only feels sexually attracted to women.

Dating Sites That Cater To These Types Of People

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