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Backpage Miami Reviews – A Scam Still Rampant! Here’s How To Avoid It!

Are you living in the Miami, FL area? If so, then there’s something that I want to share with you! There’s something taking place which I had to blow the whistle on. It’s formally known as the Backpage Miami scam and yes, I’ve coined the term.

Prior to Backpage.com getting seized by the Federal Government (which I previously called right here long before it happened), there were shady call girls, escorts, streetwalkers, and every other type of person posting ads on the website. That left all these unverified sex workers without anywhere to turn. In my opinion, it’s great that they shut this shady operation down.

However, things have actually gotten much WORSE.

There are websites out there trying to take advantage of the people still searching for girls willing to have sex for money. My number one suggestion would be not to mess with any girl willing to accept money in exchange for sexual favors. Why? Well, in Miami it’s 100% illegal to pay for sex. But as I said, there are people taking things to a whole new level. Here’s what you need to know about all of it.

miami backpage scam

The Latest Backpage Miami Scam And What To Lookout For…

So, based on my research, there are plenty of copycat sites out there trying to pose as a local classifieds site in the Miami-Dade and Broward County area. Two of the main sites doing this are Bedpage.com and eBackpage.com.

If you’re interested in reading about these websites, then you need to read my Bedpage review first. That’s what I consider the brainchild of this nonsense.

bedpage miami

Here’s what they’re doing…

If you take a close look at Bedpage aka the new Miami Backpage, you’ll notice that they are creating hundreds if not thousands of listings where people are posing as escorts trying to get you to contact them.

The thing is that to the best of my knowledge, these are possibly scam ads that will not actually lead to hooking up. In fact, there have been arrests from Backpage ads that have gone bad back in the day. One, in particular, was an arrest that took place after an armed robbery attempt at a motel in the city of Miami.

It’s Bad News!

There are most likely sting operations going on within the local Bedpage listings too. So, if by chance you don’t get scammed by some shady escort and pimp, you’ll most likely have a run-in with local law enforcement.

Again, for the record, I do NOT suggest hiring escorts to have sex with you. It’s dangerous, expensive, and quite frankly completely unnecessary.

I should mention that LOTS of the ads posted on Bedpage and eBackpage are not even in the right sections of the sites. They’ve been completely taken over by a swarm of escort listings, which is another reason why I believe it’s all a sham.

Oh, and those listings, more often than not, don’t lead to a girl in Miami, FL. Instead, they lead to some national dating network that simply bangs your credit card over and over. Not only that, but oftentimes they contain fake profiles and nothing more.

I guess my point is simple, if you want to meet someone that’s legit and down to hook up without paying for it, then you simply need to check out a reliable casual dating app – start here. Assuming you don’t like to use apps or sites and you just want to watch some girls dance, then head on over to Dean’s Gold or Tootsie’s Cabaret. Whatever you do, please promise me that you won’t attempt to meet any escorts on these local Backpage sites in Miami!

If none of that interests you, then simply hit South Beach during one of these festival weekends and you’ll find someone to hook up with within a matter of minutes. Trust me, I do it all the time.

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