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Sex, Prostitutes, Violence Censored In Game of Thrones In China

It should come as no surprise that I love sex. Given that I’m the owner of SexDatingApps.com, that should be quite clear. However, what I didn’t tell you was that I also love prostitutes and violence – on TV, not real life. I’m certainly not the only person out there that loves watching TV shows that contain this content. Well, the people in China have officially got the short end of the stick and Game of Thrones fans there are pretty pissed off.

The tech media giant called Tencent secured rights exclusively within China. They own all rights to show/air the Game of Thrones HBO series and they did a disservice to all loyal fans over there by cutting out violence, prostitution, and scenes with explicit language. In fact, they’ve decided to cut out six whole minutes from the premiere that aired on Sunday night.

You’re probably scratching your head asking why I’m writing this article and sharing the news on a sex dating site, am I right? Well, truth be told, I’m a huge GOT fan and I’m also a fan of having sex with random people, which is essentially what’s happening on Game of Thrones throughout the entire series.

Game of Thrones
Credit: HBO Game of Thrones

Tencent Media Company Censors Game of Thrones In China

As people gathered all across the globe to watch the most widely viewed TV show premiere it’s final and 8th season on Sunday night, the folks residing in China missed out on the best parts. No bad language, no nudity, no sex, no violence.

I mean, why bother watching a TV show when it becomes this censored?

The GOT fans are not keeping quiet this time and instead they’ve decided to possibly take action. I’m talking massive class-action lawsuit action! Others have hit social media channels to express their opinions and anger.

Am I completely shocked that China decided to do this? Not at all.

HBO.com GOT website

In fact, I’m surprised that they even allowed this to be aired in China. However, for the Chinese people residing there, I feel their pain and I strongly believe that they’re better off either not airing it at all or just airing the explicit version of this TV show.

What does China think is going to happen? Do they really believe that not censoring this show is going to lead to an uproar with people carrying bows around and prostitutes flooding the streets nude? Doubt it, highly.

Let the people enjoy the show for what it’s worth and stop trying to control everything.

For those of you that missed Season 8 Episode 1, here’s an insider clip to get you pumped up for it! Yes, this is a spoiler alert! Now, if you’re looking to have sex with prostitutes just like the GOT cast members, then I’m going to have to advise against doing so. However, I do have an alternative move, which is to join one of the apps I use. You’ll probably be able to find someone hotter and just as willing to hook up.

Special thanks to HBO for the images and video in this post. Most importantly, thank you for creating the Game of Thrones TV series. Without this series, millions of people’s lives would suck more than they already do and they’d have less to talk about at work.

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