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Glendale Wisconsin Joins in the Escort Bust News Parade

Well, well well, we thought that these prostitution rings were all confined to Florida, right?   Oh, and those silly folks up in Allentown, PA.

Turns out, people are turning tricks up in the good old Midwest as well.  Yep, those wholesome folks are getting down and dirty as well, according to a story I read in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which services the Milwaukee area.  Today I’ll share with you a story out of Glendale, which I originally assumed was in Arizona as that’s the most well-known Glendale that I know of, but you learn something every day.

Glendale Sting Catches 11 Escorts and 7 Johns

Lovely Wisconsin.

Two sting operations took down this latest haul, which started back in February on the 28th, which like every other bust I talk about, started with an online advertisement.  Seriously, when are people going to learn to not use these sites that are littered with police waiting for you to screw up?  There are actual websites out there where women sign up and wait for you to message them and connect with them, for the same reason – for sex.  Yet people still get lured into these ads and end up in the news.

In this case, police replied to the ads put out there by women and agreed to meet up a hotel.  Three men showed up along with eight women.  All of them got cited for escorting without a license.  (I didn’t know they had a licensing program for this, this is new information to me.)

Two of the females were only 17.  

One of the 17-year-olds was taken to the hotel by a 25-year-old man from Milwaukee, who was immediately charged with pandering and arrested since he was on parole for substantial battery.

Of the rest of the women were were ticketed, one was a 23-year-old La Crosse woman (that’s a City in Wisconsin – not to be confused with the popular sport), and a pack of people from Milwaukee with ages of 28, 20, 32, 20, and 49.  Talk about a variety pack.

The men who were cited were 32 and 30.  One of them was dressed as a woman and advertised himself as a woman.  I can’t make this up.

The second sting went down on March 13, and this time it targeted the people who patronized the escorts.  (Called “Johns.”)  The police posted ads online where men would reply and arrange a meet-up.  In this operation, seven men made it to a hotel room only to be welcomed by police who immediately cited them for patronizing prostitution.  A mixed bag of dudes showed up ranging from 27 to 60, which just goes to show you, every guy gets horny once in a while, but only the dumb ones get caught by online stings.

According to the story, the Police Captain, Rhett Fugman, had a goal to find out if these people were victims of human trafficking.  The police offer up phone numbers for women’s shelters and other places that may be able to help them if needed.  (Slow clap.)  He added this comment:

“We are not trying to be punitive,” Fugman said. “We are just trying to give them assistance in getting out of this line of work.”

Yet another reason to avoid these shady escort sites and stick to the apps that work where like-minded people meet up for sexual encounters.  I can’t beat this drum hard enough.

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