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Kim Kardashian Lookalike Pics

They say everyone in this world has a doppelgänger, and I think most of us men would agree that we wouldn’t mind if Kim Kardashian had more than one.  I scoured the web, put in countless hours of research, and am proud to present you some Kim Kardashian lookalikes!

Women Who Look Like Kim Kardashian

Chaney Jones

Chaney Jones was spotted multiple times with Kim’s ex husband, rapper Kanye West.  She’s an Instagram Influencer, (like every other woman with plastic surgery) and has been spotted with Kanye multiple times in South Florida and even in Los Angeles.  In my opinion, she’s too thick on the bottom half but has a pretty face and perfectly round boobs.


chaney jones

Sonia Ali

A British Beauty Blogger, Sonia was born in London but now calls Dubai home.  She is “constantly” being mistaken for Kim Kardashian, and is quoted saying that “in the Middle East, there are a lot of women who look like Kim Kardashian.”  Kim’s father, Robert, was third-generation Armenian-American.

Here are some side by side pics of Sonia Ali. She’s on the right in every pic, with Kim for comparison on the left.

sonia ali pic
Sonia looks more Kim, than Kim!
kim kardashian look alike
Yet again, can you really tell the difference?
dubai kim kardashian
I need to get to Dubai!

Kami Osman

This one has the biggest back story of all of the Kim K look a-likes.  Osman appeared on an episode of that painful show to watch called Keeping up With the Kardashians.  On the episode, Kim’s BFF, a man who looks strange and calls himself “Food God,” (I told you this was painful) – Jonathan Cheban, has Osman around as a stand-in when Kim shares that she is too busy to spend time with him.

It gets worse…..when Kim was robbed at gunpoint in France, it was discussed that Osman was a target for Kim to hire as a body double.  Maybe Kim shouldn’t try to get so much attention and she wouldn’t have to worry about these things?  That’s my two cents.

In closing, the Hollywood gossip gets better due to the fact that Osman posted a series of photos on Instagram and went after Kim saying that her dress was a copy from a look Osman used back in 2018.  I guess in an attempt to make money, some company manufactured more than one dress?

Anyhow, for any one who wants the adult look of this woman, here she is in all her glory.

kami osman
Osman is a skinnier, sexier version in my opinion.

Women Who Think They Look Like Kim Kardashian

I’m not saying these women think they actually look like Kim K, but someone in the media did at one point and helped them go viral!  Sometimes, just like in sports, the follies are better than the highlights.  You’ll get a good laugh out of each of these Kim Kardashian imposters!

Tara Hanlon

According to Metro UK, Hanlon had apparently smuggled some money.  She also got a lot of plastic surgery to look like Kim. I’d say she should ask for her money back.

I didn’t read the whole story and they always say innocent until proven guilty.  In this case, she’s not hot enough to go down the rabbit hole to tell her whole story.  Just know that she was called a Kim Kardashian look alike by someone, which prompted a social media uproar.

If she’s Kim, I’m Leonardo DiCaprio.  Let’s leave it at that.

tara hanlon
The only Kardashian she loosely resembles is Rob.

Lela Star

I follow a few porn stars, and while she resembles a tatted up Kim K, she’s an absolutely great watch on the porn tubes.  She used to be on some Miami sugar daddy dating websites, so if you have ever wanted to date a porn star, know that she’s open for business most likely.

lela star

Women Who Look Sort of Like Kim Kardashian

Amra Olevic

This impressive beauty and make-up industry mogul is worth an estimated $2 million.  The New York City based Olevic has reportedly done “major” plastic surgery to get her looks.  Hey, whatever works.

Amra Olevic


Jelena Peric

Dubbed an “Instagram Star” (which I’m seeing should become a college curriculum due to all the women pursuing this career path, LOL) she has a makeup blog and low and behold, found “inspiration” in Dubai.  Why is it that every woman who shows their ass on Instagram has to be a huge fan of Dubai?  I just don’t get it.  Whatever happened to it being cool to be in New York City, LA, Miami, or even the Bahamas?  Nope, it’s not enough these days.  If you want to be Insta-Famous or are trying your best to get attention from someone, pose like a prostitute in Dubai.  It works, they say.

jelena peric
I can see the resemblance.

Jelena Karleuša

Jelena is interesting, as she’s a legit Serbian pop artist, a TV personality, has a fashion line, a professional soccer player husband, and last but certainly not least, a net worth of $40 million.  I’m going to go on record say I’d take her over Kim any day, just because the fact that I hadn’t heard of her until doing this research tells me she can’t be as toxic as the Kardashian circus.

Jelena, you have a new fan in the USA!

Jelena Karleusa

Larsa Pippen

This one hits close to home as she’s living in South Florida and has become infamous for her scandals.  If she wasn’t married to Bulls Legend Scottie Pippen in the past, she’d just be some wannabe Instagram “influencer” who wants the likes, but she did marry Scottie and along the way picked up a net worth of around $10 million.  Sometimes the easiest career path for women is to go “all in” on plastic surgery, put out, and divorce an athlete.  It seems to be a curriculum down here.

According to Who’s Dated Who, Larsa was married to Scottie until the year 2018.  After that, she was with Eric Moreland, Future, Harry Jowsey, and Tristan Thompson.  Interestingly enough, she also dated Kim Kardashian ex-husband Kris Humphries.  While that relationship didn’t last more than a football training camp, the Minnesota-born ex baller made a name for himself and got his purple headed warrior into Larsa Pippen’s always open for business pants.  Always a smart guy with a solid foundation, Humphries had the post nut clarity to keep it a casual hook up and not get involved with the toxic Pippen.

Pippen is probably most famous for being on the “Real Housewives of Miami,” although her affairs and affliction for celebrity men are constantly gaining her headlines these days.

larsa pippen
She’s definitely on the back 9.

Perhaps most interestingly enough is this is one of Kim’s look a-likes that had a relationship with her family until a big falling out happened in 2020.  In one fell swoop, all of the Kardashians unfollowed Pippen on Instagram (ouch) and stated that she didn’t “bring the best energy.”  (Nobody likes a Debbie downer.)  There were also rumors of Pippen being with Tristan Thompson, baby daddy to Chloe Kardashian, before the two were together.  In an article posted on Elle, she claims she brought Thompson to a party of Kim’s and that just 10 days later he started dating Chloe.  Ultimately, they got pregnant and he has serially cheated on her throughout their relationship, even during pregnancy.  This, my friends, is what’s known to the public.  What we don’t know, is what we don’t know.  Maybe they are all swingers, because we don’t hear about any meltdowns. It’s like they just let each other fool around.  Hey, whatever’s clever, everyone has their own rules for open relationships.

And on that note, that’s about it for me. I can only handle so much research on toxic people.  That, my friends and followers is my ultimate list of Kim Kardashian look a likes.

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