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Odell Beckham Jr Gets Accused Of Paying $1,000 For Sex In Legal Case

There are a lot of reasons why hiring an escort is just an awful idea. However, when you’re a professional athlete or a celebrity it’s even worse. Just ask Odell Beckham Jr. why you shouldn’t even think about hiring a call girl because it can bite you in the ass at any given time. Full disclosure, he denies these allegations (according to my source).

Before getting into this dirt, I want it to be known that I cannot confirm nor deny these allegations. I’m merely reporting what I heard and read on current news outlets (my source is TMZ – see below) and doing so in hopes that this doesn’t happen to you. 

What the heck am I talking about? Well, if you didn’t know, Odell Beckham is currently in a major lawsuit over some fight that took place at his house. Apparently, a man by the name of Ishmael Temple was hanging out at Beckham’s residence when the two of them got into an argument.

odell beckham jr escort accusations

One thing led to another and the NFL player supposedly put his bodyguards on him to deliver a beating. Ishmael Temple sued Beckham for a cool $15 million and they’re battling it out now I guess.

Anyway, before I go any further, I need you to know that I can’t verify all this. I’m simply sharing the scoop and my opinion of it all. The story was originally published on TMZ (see it here) and that’s my source.

Now, back to the good stuff…

So, here’s why you don’t hire girls next door, college girls, escorts or mutt buckets from these Backpage alternatives, because eventually, the word gets out!

Apparently, Temple’s attorney as made a pretty strong claim stating…

“We have evidence of your client offering $1k to sleep with a girl from Arizona visiting L.A. known to my client.”


There are other claims that Temple made about drugs being at a party and it being consumed etc. Of course, Odell Beckham denies all these claims and I would too if I were him.

My point here isn’t to poke fun of Odell Beckham, Jr. or even come out and say that I believe he tried hiring a hooker for $1,000. Heck, I have no idea if he did or didn’t. That doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is that someone is running around talking about him being willing to pay an escort $1,000 just to sleep with him! I don’t know about you, but that’s gotta be a pretty bad reputation crusher if I’ve ever known of one.

And that right there is exactly why you don’t hire escorts off of Erotic Monkey, Bedpage, and the rest of these gross escort directories. Not to mention the nasty diseases that some of these girls have. I mean, come on bruh, use your head for gosh sakes!

OBJ, don’t worry, I believe you. But come’on bro, this is your one pass, don’t screw this up again.

To the rest of the professional athletes out there, don’t ruin all your endorsement money over paying someone for some gross piece of ass that’s most likely going to act like a dead fish in bed anyway. Keep your head in the game! Just join a casual dating network listed on the homepage and you won’t have to worry about paying anyone to get down and dirty. There are no tolls for those smush rooms, bet that!

head in the game

I can’t wait for fantasy football this year! It’s gonna be lit AF!

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