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Reno Prostitution Busts 7 While 14 Bikers Arrested

Nevada may be second behind Florida in the sexual deviancy rankings as far as I’m concerned.  Sure, Las Vegas has a rap for having the risque sex scene, wild night life, and strip clubs that will empty your wallet, but Reno isn’t far behind it in terms of weirdness and deviancy, not to mention meth.  Today I’m reporting on a prostitution sting I read about here that targeted johns in Reno.  The sting ended up arresting two people while citing two others.

Motorcycle Rally Turns into Spree of Arrests in Reno, Nevada

The names of those arrested were Fred Gonzalez, 52, and Mark Dubey, 59.  Also cited during the bike rally were Ariel Acosta, Mark Thomas, Isidro Bustos, Michael Hart, and Heriberto Vega-Alvarado.  They were targeted on the Fourth Street Corridor and the sting went down thanks in part to detectives working undercover as a part of the bust.

The interesting part of the story is it’s not like they got new criminals here, as seven of these arrests were for people who already had an active warrant.  Two were actually of felony nature!  One was for a robbery and the other one was for having possession of a controlled substance.  In addition, a couple were for trespassing and then two different people had illegally carried a concealed weapon, and also mentioned was obstructing and resisting and disturbing the peace.

Read this reminds me why I don’t ever travel to Reno for ANYTHING.

There were also 32 citations given during this bust, and additionally, five people were taken into protective custody.  Wow, sounds like winner central over here.

Was anyone who is a law abiding citizen at this event, or was this just for cons?  Serious question.

Look, I don’t come here to bash Reno, although by reading this, I should.  However, when the police go to your event knowing you are a bunch of hoodlums, maybe you should not have events?

For me, I’ll stay at home and be safe, in the comfort of my home, rather than search for Reno Escorts at a bike rally.

Slow day for content, you know it’s bad when I’m talking about Reno, Nevada.  But hey, considering last week I heard about ridiculous $6,000 sex island cost, this doesn’t look like such a bad option.

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