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Backpage Credits homepage

Backpage Credits Site Might Be “Scumbag” Status (IMHO)

We’re all very familiar with the classifieds site Backpage.com. If you’re not, then you’re living under a rock or something like that. What you might not realize is that there are sites out there where you can buy Backpage credits. Now, some of you may wonder why on earth you’d need to buy credits for Backpage if it’s a free classifieds site?

Well, the fact is that not everything is free on Backpage. If you’re looking to post ads, you typically have to pay for them. Basically, that means each and every escort, call girl, hooker, prostitute, and horny local needs to pay in order to post their ad on the site.

For those of you still unfamiliar with Backpage and the site concept, I’ve covered this stuff in depth at the local level in some cities and regions. For example, I’ve covered New York City, Orlando, Vegas, and many more areas.

Now that you’re more familiar with Backpage, let me share why I believe the owners of the BackpageCredits.com are complete scammers and scumbags in my personal opinion.

Backpage Credits homepage

Reasons Backpage Credits Is A Scam Site

Before I get deep in the trenches here and provide information on the BackpageCredits.com site, I want you to know that this is not the only scam that I’ve uncovered with regards to payments. The owner of Backpage Credits also owns the Bitcoin4Backpage.com, BackpageDollars.com, Buybpcredits.com and Bitcoins4Backpage.com website.

Here’s why you MUST avoid the BackpageCredits.com website.

For starters, if you didn’t know, Backpage has been shut down. It’s no longer in service and the owners of the mega classified ads site are in jail for human trafficking and other crazy criminal charges. More of these sites are getting shut down daily too. The Independent Girls site owner just got arrested, so I’m guessing that one will eventually shut down as well.

Not good, I know.

At any rate, the site no longer exists. It’s been shut down by the Federal Government and there are only clones out there today.

Why Does The Backpage Credits Site Exist?

This site was created to supposedly help people put money into their Backpage accounts in order to fund their accounts without having to wait or without restrictions. They make it seems like you can purchase credits using hundreds of types of payments including credit cards.

types of payments accepted for Backpage Credits

This may have made sense when the Backpage.com decided to only accept Bitcoins. However, now that it’s shutdown, it’s completely useless.

Who Owns The Site?

I took a closer look at the site and learned that the company behind BackpageCredits.com is PJCG, LLC (which is public information) and it was started back in 2001 out of Ranger, TX.

A website dug even deeper than I and during my research. I learned that this entity had some tax forfeiture issue in 2006. While I’m not going to expose the owner’s name, if you do a search for the company you will find it. My advice would be to not waste your time doing so.

Biggest Problems Breakdown

Here are the biggest problems that I have with this site and why…

  • All of these sites are owned by the same company.
  • Some of the websites, specifically, Buybpcredits.com is not PCI compliant due to the missing SSL.
  • They are exchanging money illegally.
  • The sites are operating a non-specific, non-licensed money service.
  • They violate terms of service for various payment providers
  • There are shady terms and conditions which people may feel is associated with false advertising.


Here’s another major red flag in my humble opinion. This Backpage Credits site is closely associated with the YesBackpage.de website. Interestingly enough, if you take a look at the footer of the site you will see a bunch of links to this site.

yesbackpage.de affiliation

What I can tell you is that the YesBackpage site is essentially a fake Backpage or copycat site, nothing more. The YesBackpage.de has no real listings other than those listed under the Adult Services section of which I don’t believe are even real (my personal opinion).

yesbackpage empty sections

Conclusion: Do Not Use The Backpage Credits Site

Look, the bottom line is that Backpage is gone forever and there’s no reason for these so-called credit sites to exist. Whether it be for Bitcoin, gift cards, Western Union, ACH or whatever. There’s no reason to use them. They’re operating in hopes that people continue to attempt to buy credits for the faux Backpage site known as YesBackpage.de.

Do not waste your time or money here. Trust me, it’s a huge waste and you’ll be sorry if you do. In fact, you’d be an idiot to do so.

If you’re using Backpage or the alternatives or copycat sites out there for hooking up, then just STOP IT! There are plenty of other options out there that will not rip you off. They will not cost you a crazy amount of money, and where you will not have to pay people to have sex with you. Just use one of the top 5 dating apps for sex and you’ll win big time in the long run. No credit purchases needed, no shady classified ad screening, no pimps, no hoes – just horny local people looking for sex.

There, I’ve shared my thoughts on this site and hope it helps a couple of people save money in the long run. If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns, please leave a comment in the thread.

(If you’re looking for another good source of information regarding this topic, then you want to check out this URL: https://fuundinvest.blogspot.com/2015/11/scam-alert-shady-websites-targeting.html)

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