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Escorts Target New England Patriots and LA Rams Fans In Atlanta

If you went to Atlanta, GA this past weekend then you might know a new thing or two about escorts. Having spent my fair share of time in Buckhead, I know just how crazy it can get. With more than 75,000 flocking to the ATL for some primetime NFL action, that creates a lot of hype and excitement for some industries, one being the escorting industry.

Escorts travel to Atlanta for Superbowl
Pats vs. Rams SB LIII 2/3/2019

Escorts Capitalize On Super Bowl Fans

Apparently, fans in Atlanta had to deal with the wrath of these annoying sex workers taking advantage of them. There were apparently escorts that infiltrated Atlanta all in hopes of taking some of that NFL cash over the weekend.

One website in particular called AdultLook (learn more here) had apparently been open about offering NFL fans the opportunity to spend a night with the “woman that you’ve always dreamed about.”

These women were supposedly harassing and offering lonely men an experience that they’d never forget and all for a price between $80 and $800 depending on the girl and services requested. Some of the women were self-described as being “independent,” “weed-friendly,” and with “super nice” boobies.

These women presented themselves as females willing to offer the ultimate fantasy for any man that wanted that and more. The escorts were offering strange services such as domination, role playing, foot fetish, and sensual massages.

Some of the women were posing as bucket list items that you’ll never forget and promising to deliver what they claimed to be exotic erotic” massages.

Superbowl Escort photo
Pic From An Adultlook.com Ad

What Patriot fans and Rams fans did not know was that these girls are more trouble than they are worth. They’ll rob you blind, rush things, and do anything that they can to get your cold hard cash.

Over the weekend, more than 800 escorts had posted classified ads offering call girl services on just one site, Adultlook.com. Some of these women went the legit route and they attempted to get a license to work at one of the local strip clubs.

Due to the number of permit applications, the License and Permit Office of Atlanta actually ran out of ink to print the applications.

Super Bowl 53 took place at the Mercedes Benz Center and tens of thousands visited the Magic City strip club as well as the Blue Flame club. These women likely made out like bandits given that they were able to overcharge a lot of fans that were willing to pay a premium price just to say they hooked up with an escort.

AdultLook Escorts in Atlanta for SB53
Another photo used in an adultlook.com ad in Atlanta, GA during Super Bowl Weekend.

Here’s the thing, with escorts comes law enforcement. The ATL undercover task force was in full effect I’m sure and I’ll be shocked if they didn’t make some arrests of unruly fans making bad choices hiring hookers from the shady AdulLook.com website. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. There’s absolutely no reason to hire a hooker, especially during the Super Bowl Weekend.

How many times have I told you this? SO MANY!

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these girls. They don’t want anything but your money and perhaps to pass along a lifelong disease. Use Tinder, Bumble, or some sex app, just don’t hire a hooker.

I guess that this type of thing is going to be even worse next year for the Super Bowl. The reason is, it’s taking place in Miami, FL and it’s perhaps the most notorious place in the world for escorts and pimps. Truth be told, it’s really not safe for anyone, not even the girls. Escorts have been shot for “giving bad brain” and it happens more than you think. Remember, Miami is an international hub with the finest strip clubs in America. Get ready because Tootsie’s nightclub and the rest of the 305 will be wild.

Source: Dailystar.co.uk

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