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Smell Dating App Review

Yes, there is an app for that.  The smell dating app is just the latest in the ways companies are trying to niche down on gaining market share in the uber competitive online dating app industry.  As the voice of all things that have to do with the dirty undercarriage of dating, I’m here today to share you a very bizarre new twist on “smell dating.”

smell dating review

What is Smell Dating?

Well, like the name implies, it allows you to get a whiff of your potential match before meeting up with them.  The company claims to be “the first mail odor dating service.”  Catchy, yet I don’t know if that’s an accolade I’d want to brag about.

So how does this smell dating app work?

Once you sign up at https://smell.dating you are sent a t-shirt.  You are commanded to wear the shirt for three days and nights without applying deodorant.  Once complete, you return the shirt back to them, and they manufacture “swatches” of these shirts and mail them out to your potential dates.

Once they breathe in the foul odors of your armpits sweat, and in turn, confirm that they actually enjoy that funk, Smell Dating will reach out to the matches and let them know.

smell dating network

My Take on Smell Dating

This is among the dumbest ideas in the history of dating.  I’m not looking to smell some gals B.O., even if it’s laced with the best Maison Kurkdjian perfume underlying the stench.

And so many questions come to my mind, such as:

#1:  Who the fuck wants to wear a shirt for three days and nights?

#2:  I continue, who wants to go without deodorant for that long?

#3:  What kind of social savage would agree to #1, and #2?

Wait, I have the answer for you all right here…..

Someone who is extremely lonely, desperate, and without a social life entirely.  Someone who has three days to sit in their own filthy stench, in the same rank shirt, and without any real friends who would talk them out of this madness. 

Let’s be honest, no dime piece is going to do this.  She has friends to talk her out of it, places to go, people to see, and nice clothing to wear.  Hot women don’t want to sweat – because sweat causes acne.

The only way I would even sign up for such an incredibly dumb idea is if they got down to real business here and sent me various swabs of what women’s vaginas smell like.

Now that, I could see myself getting behind!

Although I’d have to say, the “reject pile” of swabs would be quite funky, if you know what I mean.

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