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bangaroo babes member login page

Bangaroo Babes Review Reveals All The Nonsense

I get a real chuckle or two just about every day of the week. It’s because I come across sites like this one I’m sharing with you called Bangaroo Babes. Before I dive into this site and tell you everything about it, I want it known that not every dating site is a complete scam. In fact, there are LOTS that deliver every time you use them (I’ve revealed those here).

Now, back to this Bangaroo nonsense…

Bangaroo Babes homepage

BangarooBabes.com is an Australian dating site aimed at luring in men who enjoy women with huge, ahem, assets. While you may wonder why I’m bothering with an Australian site, it is important to know that some 19% of the traffic that logs onto BangarooBabes.com is from the U.S. So, if my American brethren are going to be checking out everything this dating site has to offer, I want to make sure that they understand exactly what they’re getting into.

And, what they’re getting into is a complete scam. Sorry, guys, but almost nothing about Bangaroo Babes is legit. Not only is the site a scam, but you’re also going to waste money on it and not even get laid!

If you’re considering joining the Aussie dating site BangarooBabes.com, read this review first to find out why I think it is a complete and total waste of time.

3 Simple Reasons Why Bangaroo Babes Might Be A Scam

There are thousands upon thousands of dating sites on the internet and it can be difficult to determine just which ones are legit and which ones are nothing but a money-making scam for the site creators. Luckily for you, I’ve done enough research on adult dating sites that I know exactly what to look for. If you’re curious as to why BangarooBabes.com is a scam, keep reading!

It’s all about the money.

I know, there are no dating sites out there that are completely free, so saying BangarooBabes.com is just about making money is kind of a moot point. But, here is what I don’t like.

First, they tell you joining is free, which yes, I guess they’re not lying. Joining BangarooBabes.com is completely free. And guess what that free membership gets you?

Nothing. Nada. Nichts. (That’s German for “nothing”)

What they also like to do, to try and get you to upgrade your membership, is once you join, before you even have a profile made, you’ll be sent very sexy and provocative messages from some smokin’ hot women. Seriously, would you contact someone if you never saw a picture of them?


These messages are computer generated to try and entice you into thinking, “Wowza, I’m totally desirable and totally going to get laid day after day by these big-boobed sexpots”. You may be a super-hot guy, but I can assure you you’ll never get laid using Bangaroo Babes.

If you don’t believe me, I can understand that. Boobs are more powerful than an anonymous face behind a screen. If you do decide to give BangarooBabes.com a chance, here is what you’re going to pay:

VIP Membership

  • Trial membership-$8.91 for 3-days
  • Monthly membership-$29.95

Gold Membership

  • Two-month subscription-$49.95 and 1 bonus month for free
  • Three-month subscription-$69.90 and 3 bonus months for free

The hot women are all FAKES!

BangarooBabes.com is full of profiles that will make you drool. Like, some of the hottest women you’re ever going to come across on the internet. Sounds great, right?


Think about it. If you were a woman who was basically a goddess on earth, are you really, really going to need a dating site to get a man to have sex with you?


Perhaps you’ll get them to pay you for sex like they do on the ter review and similar sites (which I suggest you avoid too).

I promise you, my friends, that no hot woman needs to use a dating site. Don’t hand me the whole, “Well, men are intimidated by her, she needs a way to make them more at ease.”

No. Just, no. Women, even the least attractive ones out there, have no problem getting laid. It’s us men who struggle, not them.

If you really don’t believe what I’m saying, try doing a reverse Google image search on some of the pictures on BangarooBabes.com.au and see what you find. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

The truth is, a lot of these pictures are ripped from the internet and used on a variety of dating sites to make the site look hot and full of women. The creators behind dating sites will also create fake profiles to lure you into paying for a membership. It really is quite deceitful, especially when guys are driven by instinct and don’t always think with their proper head.

My biggest bit of advice when you are considering joining any dating site is to read their terms of service. For this site, you’ll find the following:

fake profile terms of service

Guess what all this means? It means you’re not getting laid. Do you really want to pay to chat with fakes?

You’re talking to a computer.

Because BangarooBabes.com wants to encourage you to pay for a membership, they have created computer programs to send you messages the moment you become a member. If you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll see that the messages you get are instantaneous and are always flirtatious and from women who are a ‘20’ on a scale of 1-10.

Look, I know it’s exciting to get messages from women, especially the type of women Bangaroo Babes uses for its profiles. But, do not let the brains behind the site trick you into thinking that you’re getting real messages. Again, if you read the terms of service, you’re going to find the following:

bangaroo babes fantasy cuties

It really is a shame what lengths sites like BangarooBabes.com will go to to try and trick men into joining their sites.

The BangarooBabes.com Final Verdict

Dating sites can be really awesome or they can be really bad. I had high hopes for BangarooBabes.com because Aussie women, especially those with big boobs, are a total dream for me. Unfortunately, not only is it a bad site, it’s on par with some of the worst I’ve joined.

Between the high price point, the fake profiles, and the automated messages, it is easy to see that this is a complete scam and should be avoided.

Then what should be used?

Well, I’m glad you asked that. You should be using nothing other than the top 10 apps I’ve ranked on my homepage – nothing else, PERIOD.

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