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Panama Sex, Escorts, and Prostitution

I was overwhelmed by the feedback and page views of my expose on Costa Rica sex, so I figured that after a few trips to Panama, I’d do the same and keep all the bro’s who want to be in the know informed about what happens down there.  If you’ve ever thought to yourself, is prostitution legal in Panama City, Panama? Then this article is for you…First off, escorts in Panama are abundant, willing, and 99% of them, Colombian.  If you have ever dealt with Colombian women, you know that you are about to get a royal treat when you visit Panama looking for prostitution.

First, the disclaimer. I’m not promoting Panamanian prostitution, glamorizing it, or saying that there isn’t a shady side to this business, because let’s be real, there is a very dark side to it.  I’m

Panamanian sex industry
Panama sex.

simply saying for anyone looking up information on how to do a Panama bachelor party, there is a real lack of information out there that I’ve seen that is real, raw, and current.  So today I’m setting the record straight, fresh off another trip to Central America, and I’ll share my feedback.  That said, be careful, use caution, and always watch your back and make sure you DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH UNDER AGE WOMEN.  Not only is it wrong, and sick, but it’s very illegal.  With that, enjoy this please, gentlemen.

Getting to Panama City

Whether you are looking up “bachelor party in Panama” or just passing through and wanted to know the details about how to get around in Panama, here’s a quick overview of how you can do so.

The airport to fly into is called the Tocumen International Airport, and it uses the code PTY.  Look for that one, and no other airport, otherwise you’ll find yourself in some remote jungle and well, I’ll wish you the best.  Depending on traffic it’s about 20-30 minutes to the epicenter of Panama, but it’s a nice scenic drive along the water mostly and with a view of the skyscrapers in the distance, unlike some Latin American countries which don’t provide much scenery upon arrival.  This cab ride is about $20-$30 depending on which hotel you stay at.  Rush hours suck here, by the way.

The Down Low on Panama Sex and Escorts

Where do I start?  There are many, many options for the men out there hunting women who will offer them a good time in exchange for money.  I guess let me first start that I’ve only done Panama City, and haven’t ventured out anywhere else in the country so I’m only speaking from the context of the small confined area that is Panama City.  I’ve read that there is other action, but it’s sparse and remote, so if you want variety and want the creme de le creme, stay in Panama City proper and you’ll be right in the belly of the beast.

Speaking of where to stay, there are many places that will offer you a great value as well as a location near all the places you want to be.  From my experiences, there is no better place to stay than the J.W. Marriott, formerly known as “The Trump.”

Apparently, in late 2018 the property became a Marriott property, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is pristine and family-oriented.  The adjacent casino, called Ocean Sun Casino, is a breeding ground for meeting Colombian prostitutes, as well as the odd Venezuelan.  Recently the Venezuelan women have been getting in the mix, but mostly you’ll find women from Medellin, Cali, and Bogota. (All Colombian Cities.) .

The Infiniti Edge Pool at the JW Marriott Panama

Perhaps the best part about the property is that there isn’t a “chica fee.”  This varies a lot from Costa Rica because most hotels will charge you a fee for a guest coming to your room.  Obviously, over a weekend, those fees add up.  So that’s a huge win right there.  Second, the hotel, while it has it’s fallbacks, does have an immaculate pool with an infinity edge pool that overlooks the Ocean.

It’s simply breathtaking, but if that’s not enough, there are women of the night who somehow make it to this pool as well and meander around looking for sugar daddies.  It happened to rain while we were in the pool, and as everyone ran to take cover under the umbrellas, we ended up very close to some insanely hot Colombian women who were eager to chat us up.  We’d seen them at the other side of the pool earlier but didn’t know their deal, and didn’t know if they were with some other guys who may have been staying there, so we kept our distance initially.

However, after then chatting with them and finding out that wasn’t the case, it was on like donkey kong.  We spent the day sipping tequila in the pool and the night hanging with these smoke shows in the lobby bar, etc, etc.  All in all, I recommend the J.W. Marriott property.  You can also choose to stay at the Marriott property on Calle 52, and this will put you in another interesting location – across the street from perhaps the hottest pick up spot in Panama City, a cigar bar called Habanos.  I believe they do have a chica fee, however.

jw marriott panama pool


Habanos is a cigar bar that’s mostly outdoor patio seating with an awning that protects everyone from the rain during the rainy season.  Other than the humidor, this is a place that’s hot and humid, and it doesn’t help that there are dozens of men smoking cigars around 100’s of prostitutes that wait for them to make eye contact so they can extend their services of company.

On any given night there are an estimated 100 – 300 people there, with 80% of them being the women.  You’ll find many Colombian women, but here more than anywhere else you’ll find women from other countries like local Panamanian escorts, Venezuelans, even some Cubans in the mix.

Asking prices were $150 – $200 for a couple hours and about double that for a “toda la noche.”  (All night.). Your mileage will definitely vary based on her desire, your looks, and demeanor, as well as how you carry yourself. That goes for any hooker situation, not just here.

With a lot of variety, this is good place to start off on your journey and take in things.  Although it is uncomfortable due to the heat and close quarters, it is what it is.  If you want something more air-conditioned and upscale, as you head out to the right of Habanos Cigar bar, go about three blocks and make your way to the best strip club in Panama – Le Palace.

Le Palace

le palace club nocturno

This place is an air conditioned (which Panama doesn’t do very well), quaint burlesque show that has one female dance on stage about every 30 minutes.  It’s not your typical sniffer’s row type of place where guys hang by the stage, it’s more refined and controlled and they dance in a room almost of their own, with theater style seating facing the view.

While one woman dances, others surround the perimeter of the property in white lingerie.  You’ll see that all women here are Colombian, and they are smoking hot. You’ll see it all here, from petite spinners to women who pump up their asses with so much silicone that they look like a circus side show.  Whatever your into, you can take Le Palace women out of the club with you for a fee.

It ranges depending on if you want them for a couple hours or for the entire night.  Of course, there is booze, champagne, and all that comes with a strip club environment.  You’ll see people from all walks of life here, but mostly on the higher end of the spectrum.  Many financial executives frequent this place.  There is no cover, but you must be drinking and consuming in order to stay.  Highly recommend this place.

Le Palace women
Image Source: Le Palace Facebook.

Club Miami

Club Miami is a strip club that has rooms where you can get sexual services. It’s on par with a regular USA strip club, although anything goes.  Their logo is like the Miami Vice logo, which instantly made me a fan.

Golden Time

This is a place where you can get a massage and sex in a strip mall.  Yes, in a strip mall.  Insane, right?  There are usually 15-30 Colombian women that will come into a room in a jacket, open the jacket, show you the goods, and then return after all of the women have been presented.

You simply pick one, go upstairs for a massage, and more.  I believe it’s $94.50 for the session and there are some stunners there.  The selection gets picked over later at night and you have the option to take them to your hotel for a much higher fee if you aren’t into the bordello style session.

Oasis Massage

Just check out their website:  http://www.oasispanama.com/home.html.  Hasn’t been updated since 2008, which is classic. But it’s worth the look.

This was located next to the Veneto Casino and they had guys on the street hustling their ass off to get you in there for a massage and more. The sign was up when I walked past on my waltz over to check the former Veneto property, but I didn’t see the establishment there. It looked like it was a bar now, but I could be wrong and didn’t care to investigate further, to be honest as it seemed super seedy years back, so I can’t imagine it now being re-vitalized.

Strip Club & Hook Up Bars That Closed in Panama

Veneto Hotel & Casino

This was once the epicenter of Panama City escorts and nightlife.  A lively casino, a rowdy sportsbook, and women of the night galavanting around the place seeing whose pockets they could get into. The Veneto Casino was the place to be, the place to pick up, and the place to check in on a nightly basis.

After not following the Panama sex scene for many years, I was shocked to hear that this place closed in 2016, because when I was going there (2010 – 2012) it was the absolute jam. I stayed there, played there, and made it my center.

However, reports say it went downhill when they started charging the women to enter the hotel, or passing along the fee of $50 to have a girl come upstairs to the guests, and apparently at the same time the hotel stopped doing upkeep on the property and things just spiraled out of control from there.

To me, it smells like money was running thin and they just lost it.  Whatever the case was, it’s sad, because as I walked that area that used to be absolutely hopping, it’s a run down street now with nothing going for it.  Gone is the massage parlor next door, the adjacent restaurants, and a lot of other commerce.  A dire scene, but the scene has moved now to the JW Marriott and of course, Habanos.

Club Elite

Yet another place I spent time in the early 2010’s was shut down.  Club Elite was off of Calle Uruguay, which again to my surprise, was another project that was looking all torn up on my 2019 trip. The once hopping bar, restaurant, and disco scene was in ruins, but according to a Panama Hooters waitress, it was part of a revitalization plan.  We’ll se if that’s the the sales pitch or the cover up for another dried up economy in Panama City on Calle Uruguay.

The Cotton Club

This place rivaled any strip club I’d been to across the world for a short time.  They had all the bells and whistles.  Hookahs, sushi you could eat off of a naked stripper, all white decor like Scarface’s house, the absolute nine’s.  I was there a few times way back when, and loved this place. It felt like a mobster’s paradise!  However, reports online say it closed a while ago. I can’t peg the year, but there are no remnants of it and the online information is very scarce, so it’s definitely been a while.


At the end of the day, if you are looking for sex in Panama with prostitutes, know that prostitution in Panama is rampant. You’ll have no shortage of options out there.  It’s very in your face and you’ll definitely see groups of men in town for a Panama bachelor party or guys trip looking just for that.  Overall, I felt very safe in Panama because pimping is illegal, a lot like Costa Rica.

The women weren’t streetwalkers or drugged-out trannies like you’ll see elsewhere as well.  Of course, there are outliers, but most of the women are naturally beautiful Colombian women with fake tits, good teeth, and awesome skin.  Enjoy your time in Panama, and please ask questions in the comments section below.  I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Until my next trip, I’ll be looking for Colombian’s on Fling.com to kill the time.  I really wish this type of scene was legally going on in South Florida, because it would make my life so much easier.  However, I’m not going to get caught up in severely illegal stuff.  Hell, to the no.

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