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The Stories About Sex on A Cruise Ship

Reddit is a treasure trove of information if you know where to find it. I don’t use it nearly enough, but sometimes I surf into information that just makes me go “Whoa.”  Today I found a story that was written about Reddit content but posted on Refinery 29 that was simply too good not to share with you all.  It was a topic about the best cruise ship sex stories known to man.  Sure, there will be others that you may have heard from your buddies, but as far as a list of curated content that’s actually published and findable, this one is pretty good. Today, I share that with you.

The Top Cruise Ship Sex Stories on Reddit

Apparently, sex on cruise ships happens a LOT – mainly with the workers!

I’ve done exactly one cruise, and it was with an ex of mine so I wasn’t on the prowl. Looking back, I wish I was on the prowl because according to Royal Caribbean, 99% of the 1,000 people they got to answer a survey told them that sex was their favorite activity on the cruise!  In fact, 62% of them said that sex at sea was better sex.  Another 52% were more likely to do it on the ship than on land.  Yeah, it’s vacation sex, and that’s always part of it. It’s like being in Vegas and having sex.  It just stays there, unless you bring home some memento in the form of an STD, in that case, well, you brought home something you didn’t probably want.

Balconies seem to be the popular location for cruise ship sex.  That’s just what I’m hearing. 
Here are the comments from Reddit users who had sexual conquests at sea.  
“We have had sex on the balcony of our cabin, during the day and at night, at sea, and at ports. Anybody could see us if they really looked. Now, where did we have sex outside of the cabin? The theatres when there are no-shows, certain lounges, family bathrooms (can be found in the hallways where the cabins are), and our personal favourite, these egg-shaped bed/chair things at the very front of the ship. Nobody ever goes out this far, and if you push the furniture closer to the glass, nobody will walk in front of it.” — frequent cruise-goer

-Frequent Cruise Goer

Notice this is a frequent cruise goer.  Perhaps next time you set sail you’ll keep an eye out for this couple?
I like this one because it tells you the staff isn’t afraid to meet and fuck.
“Lotsa freakiness. I hooked up with a girl in one bunk while her roomie did the same with my buddy.”
-Cruise Ship Employee
Of course, you can’t discount the swingers cruise types:
“What most people would probably jaw-drop at is the big playroom — probably like 100+ beds and hundreds of people in there having sex. Some just with their partner, some with a couple they met (or brought) and some in big huge piles of people. Good fun.”
-Swingers Cruise Guest 
By the way, if you are a swinger, check out the SLS Lifestyle review.
If this doesn’t make you want to apply for a job to work on a cruise ship, I don’t know what does!
We get absolutely shitfaced below deck. Everyone f*cks each other, all over the ship. My girlfriend at the time and I had a competition with an officer and his lady for the riskiest place to have sex. I thought we had won with the bow of the ship in the middle of the night. Nope, him being an officer stopped the elevator midway, his lady and him jumped on top of the elevator while it was stopped and proceeded to ride the elevator and get it on as guests were getting on and off the elevator beneath them.
-Ex Cruise Ship Employee
Other stories are the obvious ones, like having sex on the beach in the Bahamas, which I’m pretty sure even the people who are plain vanilla have done once in a minute.
Another one that’s obvious is in a hallway.  People get busy and have a roommate or stay with family and just can’t go there, so the hallway is where they make it happen.
Well there you have it, stories about having sex on a cruise.  For me, I don’t care where I have sex, as long as I have it.  But hey, on the cruise, I’ll take sex as well.  Guess I’ll have to raise the bar next time and come back and try to report on what whacky kind of stuff I got into.

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