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Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Permanently Closed By Law Enforcement After His Death

A couple of days ago I reported on the death of Dennis Hof. He was an HBO TV series star and the owner of some of the most famous brothels in Nevada.

Well, I’m here to report some more sad news for all those that have a burning desire to hook up with an escort in hopes of not getting a burning sensation in their genital region after paying for it from a sex worker. It’s a sad, sad day for sure!

Dennis Hof at The Love Ranch

I’ve recently got wind that the infamous Love Ranch is officially shut down for good. Local law enforcement actually had the Love Ranch shut down immediately following the death of Dennis Hof.

How on earth did it happen? Well, honestly, it was nothing other than a foolish business move by Dennis. He was the sole owner of what might be the most famous brothel in Nevada and perhaps the world even.

That causes issues for the business when it requires licenses for prostitution and liquor sales. Guess what…

The local government stripped the business of their license because Dennis died and he was the only person on the business.

To make matters worse, according to a reliable source, sheriffs apparently visited the Love Ranch on Wednesday evening and took permits for prostituting in that county away from the call girls. The women were then left on their own, most likely to fight for listing spots on Listcrawler with a bunch of other shady call girls their pimps.

Now, if you’re wondering if that’s the end of all brothels in the local Las Vegas area, you’re in luck – it’s not the end. What I mean is that Dennis Hof’s other brothel, the Bunny Ranch is still up and running.

If you’re addicted to these whorehouses, then I’d hop on a plane and head to Vegas for the weekend. Who knows how long they’re going to be open for with all that’s gone down.

Oh, please, don’t invite Lamar Odom on the trip we don’t want to make it a crack binge weekend festival, sleeping with a few hookers on alcohol is bad enough.

Lastly, if you didn’t know, Dennis Hof was very much into politics and he actually may still win the state election even though he’s died. Yes, that’s how much the locals admired him apparently. If you do make it to Vegas but not the Bunny Ranch, do yourself a solid and avoid the Vegas classified ads on Craigslist or you’ll be very sorry!

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