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Nude Photo Victims Lose Thousands In Scam

How many times have I harped on the fact that you need to be careful who you send nude photos to? Seriously, if I had a dollar for every single time that I had to mention this to readers, I’d be Richie rich! Today I’m not trying to give those of you a hard time that carelessly send nude pics without a care in the world. However, I am putting this on blast in hopes that you learn something from it.

There’s been recent chatter in the news lately about a group of scumbags who con people into sending them money over nude photos being shared back and forth. The entire thing was a setup and you’ll know that when I explain this. They collected $35,000 in this scam, so it wasn’t small potatoes.

I’m not going to name any specific dating networks or websites that were associated with this con job but I will give a play by play rundown of how they did everything and what they did exactly.

nude photo scam

Nude Photo Scam Tactic Revealed

Here’s exactly the process that these criminals took in order to extort money from their victims:

The process would start off with the victim receiving a nude photo of their potential date. This photo was one showcasing a random girl naked. Each victim was then asked to send back a photo of himself completely naked.

The scammers would typically wait about a week and then the men who received and sent the photos would receive a phone call from an individual that claimed to be a private investigator working in the state of South Carolina.

What would happen next is the person posed as a private investigator would call up the men and say that they sent photos to an underage girl and that the individual needed to send money or they would be reported to the police. That’s just one scenario.

Another scenario was that the private investigator said that the men were sending photos to underage girls in psychiatric wards and that because they saw it they had killed themselves and now the family wants money for the funeral expenses.

Within these scams, the total amount of money that the con artist collected was $34,305.70 which was the exact amount named in an indictment.

How did they request payment you ask? Good question! They asked to be paid via Western Union, Green Dot MoneyPak cards and even via Walmart.

Now, the good news is that these men are no longer doing this and they did get caught by Homeland Security. The blackmailing scheme was one of the worst online dating blackmail attempts I’ve seen to date.

These men are facing serious time behind bars for their attempts of scamming multiple victims. I believe it’s up to 20 years in prison even!

Now, there is some good that comes out of all this. I’ve just shared another tactic which will help you keep an eye out for scumbags. Another thing that this made me realize is just how lucky we are to have sites that actually verify the members. If you read my fling review you will notice that this site has a strong verification process that just might help save you from getting scammed. Oh, and it will get you laid for sure!

Look, if you want to avoid these types of scams completely, then maybe you should just think about heading to one of these places listed here so you can meet a hot cougar in person instead.

Article Source: TheState.com

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