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Woman Lists “Sex Worker” on LinkedIn Profile and Here’s What Happened

Call it prostitution, call it escorts, dumb it down all the way to simply “entertainers,” but however you want to spin it, sex work is the oldest profession in history.  So why is it that the oldest profession in the history of the world is not only frowned upon, but mostly downright illegal?  Arielle Egozi, a former creative agency owner turned sex worker, would love to know.

Arielle Egozi’s LinkedIn Profile

Sex Work LinkedIN profile

Arielle Egozi had a creative agency in Brooklyn, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, she lost all of her clients and took to escorting in a way.  Back in July, she updated her impressive 11,500 person LinkedIn following with the term “sex work” on her profile.  The blurb, according to what I read on VICE.com, said that they “charge exorbitant amounts” and “have no problem taking rejections from those who can’t pay it.”  Further stating that she “has nothing to prove,” this opened the eyes of many followers on the otherwise very white collar platform where businesses and salespersons of all types hover around trolling for new opportunities to increase revenue and obtain employment.

If Egozi was trying to make a splash and gain attention, it worked!

The online media went into a frenzy, with many international publications posting photos of the update.  Egozi’s companies social media inquiries, as well as emails, went bonkers with comments as new followers showed up in droves.  The 31 year old told VICE:

I expected it to get like seven comments. But I’ve almost been turned into a face of some movement that I never meant to start.

Identifying as a “queer femme,” she went into the pursuit of sex work as a way to look into how sexual traumas could become healed, as well as taking ownership of their careers and bodies.

Egozi has a lot of experience working in “sextech,” which even for a deviant adult blogger like me, is something off the wall.  Sex is spoken of without any judging or shame in that world, and the traits are security, safety, and more.  She went on to state that she wouldn’t do anything she wasn’t comfortable with and that she did take steps back when boundaries were being crossed.

It’s a fact that sex workers are mistreated across this world.  It’s sad, and it’s a shame.  When I lived in Central America, I saw it first hand.  Tourists would arrive into the country, starving for sexual encounters, and they would prey on the sex workers that were wiling to offer services in exchange for their cash.  However, in Costa Rica prostitution, I saw a lot of abusive, alcohol infused men who would boast about how rough they’d get on these poor women.  There often times weren’t boundaries nor anyone to protect the women, due to the fact that pimping is illegal and most women are on their own taking their own risks in that business.

In the case of Ms. Egozi, she received a lot fo support and compliments on her leap of faith, yet there was a sad side to the story as well.  Many were sending messages of hate, questioned her judgment, and attacked her morality.

Perhaps one day we will have a world where sex work is regulated, appreciated, and protected.  But until then, this topic is always going to be a debated topic.  On one hand we have people seeking freedom to do what they want, and on the other, the morals of church goers who speak out against it.

What are all of your thoughts on sex work?  Obviously, a lot depends on the part of the world you live in.  Curious to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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