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Dennis Hof Dead At 72: The Bunny Ranch Brothel Owner Passes Away

I’ve been researching and writing about brothels for as long as I can remember. One brothel comes to mind, the Love Ranch aka the Bunny Ranch. Dennis Hof is also the owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch which is a legal brothel that’s located close by Carson City, Nevada.

Dennis Hof has died at the age of 72.

bunny ranch owner dennis hof dead

The owner was found dead at the Love Ranch located in Crystal, Nevada. They are conducting a full investigation to determine the cause of death. For those not familiar with who Dennis Hof is, he was actually very much into politics and was currently running for a seat in the Nevada state Assembly.

For those of you that new Hof, my thoughts go out to you and the rest of his family. Although I was never a big fan of these types of establishments, it’s always a sad thing to see anyone pass away.

Dennis Hof owned a number of legal brothels located throughout Nevada with the most famous one being the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. You may recall that the brothel was the location for an HBO reality tv show and a documentary which covered some of the basics about and dirt on the sex industry within Nevada. The TV series was called “Cathouse: The Series.”

You may also recall that Lamar Odom had a stroke from partying and doing hardcore drugs on a crack binge with the call girls a few years back. Lamar actually overdosed a while back during that crazy sting and he’s still alive today, luckily.

Dennis Hof will not be forgotten as I’m sure there are lots of escorts that are grateful for the opportunities he gave them and there are a ton of guys out there that got laid as a result of Dennis Hof’s businesses acumen.

After reading this you’re probably going to start researching hookers and looking for escorts to hook up with. Please don’t do that, just be grateful that you were able to visit the famous Bunny Ranch if you did and say a prayer for the man. I’m very interested to see what happens with all the brothels moving forward that he had ties to. I guess only time will tell if they end up operating on a continuing basis.

Lamar, please do us all a favor and do not head to any of these brothels to pay respects to Dennis. We do not want to lose someone else today.


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