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Horror Story of Kidnapping and Forced Prostitution in Miami Leads to Arrests

In this world, we have many kinds of low life’s out there that will go to great lengths to show people that the human race can be utterly cruel.  Today’s example makes me vomit.  Three people face charges after kidnapping a woman in North Carolina and subsequently driving her to Miami to force her into prostitution, according to the Miami Herald.  I had to read this one a few times to believe what I was actually viewing.  Some people are such dirt bags.

Woman Kidnapped and Forced into Prostitution

Choked in a Miami Beach parking lot by her ex-boyfriend, trapped inside a vehicle, a woman finally got a sliver of hope to escape and find someone with law enforcement.  That’s how the whistle was blown on twin brothers Jamil and Jaleel Graves, both 25 years of age, and China Blount, 20, who are now finding themselves with charges of felony kidnapping, supporting themselves with prostitution money, human trafficking (my pet peeve), grand theft auto, and unlawful use of a communications device.  The trio is being held in Miami (too close to home for me) in jail without bond, according to Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Dade state attorney.

Jamil and Jaleel Graves Arrest
Photo Credit: Miami Herald.

The investigation was kicked off upon the woman’s escape, and the flurry of crimes went from North Carolina all the down to a Starbucks on Alton Road, (I used to live off Alton Road) in South Beach.  I tell you, the glitz and glamour of South Beach is mostly gone, and it’s full of crack ho’s and ridiculous Miami prostitutes.

Some time in May, the story began when Jamil Graves, his brother, Jaleel, and Blount, went to the Grave’s grandmother’s house.  This is all according to the arrest reports, mind you. Jamil then asked the victim, just 2o years young and who apparently dated Jamil at one point, for a ride to the courthouse.  Being reluctant, she agreed to do so.

China Blount Arrest Photo
Photo Credit: Miami Herald.

However, rather than going to the court as planned, Jaleel Graves made a bee line for Atlanta while Jamil removed his ankle monitor.  (I know what you are thinking, what winners here, right?  First they need to go to the courthouse, then they have an ankle bracelet.  Role models over here.)

Upon arriving in Atlanta, Jamil told the woman that she was going to need to perform some acts of prostitution in order to afford the hotel room!  When the woman refused, the trio of scumbags stole a car and drove her to Miami.  Can’t make this up.

They did this so she would not run away, according to Rundle.  

Once in Miami Springs situated in a hotel room for some rest, they would travel to Miami Beach during the day and seek out people to have sex with the woman.  They even had ads of the victim posted on the site Megapersonals.com, where Blount apparently also had ads, reports say.  (I’ll have to check that site out, I imagine it’s a site like Babylon.)

Blount, meanwhile, encouraged the victim to perform the prostitution even though Jamil would keep all of the financial proceeds!  Any time the victim refused to be sold for sex, Jamil would hurt her, according to reports.

Then, on May 30, on the Starbucks location on 16th street and Alton Road, which is actually a really nice, new, modern location far from in any ghetto I’d expect this story to unfold in, Jamil and the victim began arguing.  Eventually, Jamil choked the woman and told her:

Bitch, I’m going to kill you before I go back to jail.

Jaleel tried to calm down his brother, and then the twins started to yell at each other.  At that point the victim kicked open the car door and made a mad dash for a Miami Beach police officer.

“And that was the beginning of her freedom,” Rundle said. “That was the beginning of the end of her torturous journey from North Carolina to Miami.”

Upon investigating the situation, police found that all three of these losers had warrants in North Carolina, and they were arrested at the Miami Springs Inn (which did not make our Miami love motel list) later that day.  Prosecutors are looking for sentences of life in prison for the trio of suspects.  Here’s to hoping they get it for these ridiculous crimes.

Miami Springs Inn

Here’s where the trio was arrested.  It didn’t shock me to find out they stayed in a very seedy area near the airport, where the hotel reviews are less than stellar.  What would you expect from scumbags like these people?


Miami Springs Inn
Photo Credit: Booking.com

The Miami Springs Inn Reviews are worth reading:

miami springs inn
Trip Advisor review.
trip advisor reviews
Another ringing endorsement.

While this crime stems from North Carolina the arrests were made in Florida, adding to the ridiculous number of human trafficking cases we have unfolding here in the Sunshine State. Florida holds the dubious ranking of #3 in the country for human trafficking cases.


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