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Where Is Prostitution Legal In The World Today?

I’ve received a lot of emails and feedback from readers lately asking me more and more about prostitution. Honestly, I’m not sure why considering I consistently state that paying for sex and hiring escorts is NOT the way to go. Take it from a man that’s been using dating apps to meet people for sex for years. However, if the questions continue to come in then so will my updates and information on the topic. Today I’m basically sharing an overview with you of all the countries where prostitution is legal.

I’ll do my best to cover some details about each country and what I know. Keep in mind, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t attempt, partake, or condone hiring escorts for any reason whatsoever. That being said, if you want to hook up in any of these countries then I suggest trying out a dating app first before you go paying a prostitute to have sex with you. If you do it in the wrong country, you might end up getting arrested like Robert Kraft. Now, here’s the scoop and what you need to know about all these countries when it comes to hiring girls to hook up with you. (Be sure to read my disclaimer at the bottom too.) 

Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal

53 Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal

This list is, of course, subject to change and it might not be 100% accurate given that laws change on the fly. I’m not a legal expert in any of the countries listed below and I’m not familiar with everyone’s laws. It’s best to do your homework if you want to hire someone to perform sexual acts on you in exchange for money. Whatever you do, definitely read this before attempting to do anything!

Argentina – This is a weird one, but you can actually buy sex in Argentina. However, it’s not legal to run a brothel, organize prostitution, or to make a living off of the money earned prostituting.

Austria – Having sex commercially is legal here but it’s heavily regulated at various levels.

Bangladesh – This one is tricky too. According to my research, the Penal Code does not make sex work a crime but there are other laws which end up criminalizing sex work and the workers involved. It’s a strange code and one that I’d not mess with personally.

Belgium – In Belgium, you can pretty much hire someone to have sex with you and pay them for their services but you cannot act as a pimp or pay a pimp. It’s person A and person B activity that’s legal, not person C.

Belize – This one I don’t understand either. Basically, you can be a sex worker, but it’s illegal to contract a worker for their services. Additionally, it’s illegal to run a brothel, pimping, living off the wages, etc. So you can give it you just can’t ask for it and you can’t live off of it – weird.

Bolivia – Prostitution is legal here for those over the age of 18 and it’s rampant throughout the country. Probably why they have so many STD and STI issues here. They do have controls in place to help cut down on the sexually transmitted infections, but it’s still rampant.

Brazil – You cannot operate a house full of prostitutes, but you can be an individual prostitute offering your services up in exchange for money.

Bulgaria – Based on my research, escorting and prostituting is 100% legal here in this country and it’s been that way since the 1990s.

Chile – Yup, it’s legal here and regulated by the government. I still don’t think I’d chance it because regulation means licenses, records, and all that jazz.

Colombia – Ah yes, infamous Colombia. This place is notorious for hookers. There are prostitution zones within the country which allow it to happen I guess.

Costa Rica – If you’re like many of the tourists heading to Costa Rica, then you likely hit Jaco Beach for some escorting fun. In this country, prostitution is legal for the sex workers but they cannot promote themselves as being hookers.

Cuba – It’s not officially illegal here from what I’ve gathered. Some say it has everything to do with the way society is run over there. I’m not going to find out, screw the regime!

Cyprus – Buying and selling sex services is not illegal here. However, you cannot own and operate any sex houses, brothels, or anything of that nature.

Czech Republic – It’s 100% legal here and not banned. However, it’s about as shady as it gets.

Denmark – If you’re running a brothel in Denmark, then you’re doing so illegally. However, buying and selling sex services is not illegal here and has been decriminalized since 1999.

Dominican Republic – Prostitution is 100% legal in the D.R. and that’s why so many people come here for bachelor parties and swinger tours.

Ecuador – In this country, sex work is legal and you will find legally operated brothels in this country. Sex work is still a bit shady here as one would suspect.

El Salvador – At the municipal level, people do get in trouble for buying and selling sex services. At the national level, it’s legal. Again, too many unknowns to get involved.

Estonia – You will find that prostitution is legal here but it’s not regulated at all.

Ethiopia – Prostitution is legal here for people over the age of 18 but you cannot act as a pimp.

Finland – So, this one is strange but prostitution is legal. However, if by chance you hire a victim of sex trafficking then you could be fined and put in prison for up to a period of 6 months. The question is how are you supposed to know when someone is a victim?

Germany – Prostitution in Germany is legal. It’s not heavily regulated but it’s legal nonetheless.

Greece – It’s legal and regulated here.

Guatemala – Yes, it’s legal here and they even have their own red light district area known as, “La Linea,” also known as “The Line.”

Honduras – Promoting or the facilitation of prostitution is illegal here but prostitution for adults over the age of 18 is legal and rampant here.

Hungary – Legal and regulated here in the country.

India – It’s pretty much legal here so long as you’re not offering services in public and dancing around in the streets selling yourself.

Indonesia – It’s pretty much legal here as well so long as your not walking the streets selling sex.

Israel – In Isreal, it is completely legal to both buy and sell sex services. Just make sure you don’t buy from someone underage or you’ll end up in jail for years. Pimping will land you in jail for 5 years too. Don’t advertise sex, run brothels, or anything of that nature or you’re screwed.

Italy – Here it’s legal but not regulated heavily.

Kenya – You cannot live off of the earnings and wages of being a prostitute. However, it’s sex work itself is not criminalized.

Kyrgyzstan – This is a tough one, it’s illegal to a certain extent but legal and nothing prohibits selling sex. So I guess you’re in the clear.

Latvia – In Latvia, Prostitution is regulated and it’s legal. Read Cabinet Regulation 32 for more details.

Luxembourg – Prostitution is, in fact, legal in Luxembourg, but if you’re a customer hiring a minor, then you’re in legal trouble for sure.

Malta – Here they’ve made what they call “voluntary prostitution” legal so long as you’re not soliciting.

Mexico – This is a weird one as it’s regulated at the state level and many states have made it illegal. However, there are red light districts where partaking in sexual acts with workers is not illegal.

Netherlands – Sex between two adults that are not forced and yet prostitution is completely legal here in the Netherlands. It’s the forced sex that’s illegal.

New Zealand – The Prostitution Reform Act 2003 reads that prostitution was decriminalized as of ’03.

Nicaragua – Yes, it’s legal but they don’t put up with any abuse of any kind here as the sex workers help each other out as does the community.

Panama – Prostitutes must have health cards and they must be registered. It’s legal and regulated here, just read this article I recently wrote about escorts in Panama.

Paraguay – It’s legal here in Paraguay as well. Sex workers are free to work for money.

Peru – Prostituting is legal for women over the age of 18 assuming they’ve registered with applicable municipal authorities and they carry what’s known as a health certification. The problem is that many of them do not carry this.

Poland – Basically, the way that I read this was that you can be a prostitute and you can hire one, but you cannot profit as a third-party. In other words, being a pimp is out of the question here.

Portugal – Prostitution here is legal but it’s not regulated.

Senegal – In 1969, sex work became legal here. Said workers must be 21 years of age, tested negative, registered with the police and free of STIs.

Singapore – Providing sex services for money is legal. However, soliciting is not, owning brothels is not, migrating sex workers is not, living as a sex worker is not.

Slovakia – Here it’s not really regulated and not prohibited. Proceed with caution either way.

Slovenia – If you’re buying or selling sex, then you’re in the clear here.

Spain – As of 1995, prostitution is legal and it’s not regulated at all.

Switzerland – This has been legal is sometime in 1942.

Turkey – It’s legal and heavily regulated here.

Uruguay – Prostitution is legal and regulated here as well. Read the code Ley No. 17.515 of 2002: Trabajo Sexual – Se Dictan Normas for more info.

Venezuela – It’s legal here as well but you must not include in the inducement and no minor activity.

Notice that you did not see the United States on this list? That’s because hiring sex workers in the U.S. is 100% illegal! It’s something that you need to refrain from doing at all times. If you’re looking to meet someone for sex, then best to do so using one of the many apps I use almost daily. You will not have to pay girls money for sex if you do. Be smart, make the right choices.

Disclaimer: I’d like to mention one last time that this information should not be used to help you make any decisions. It might not be 100% accurate and it’s not legal information and I am not a lawyer. I’m simply a guy trying to do research on things for readers. The solution? Just don’t hire hookers – problem solved.

Sources: If you’re looking for more good information sources on this topic, then I’m going to suggest you check out this Wikipedia page

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