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itinerary for sex island

Sex Island Itinerary is Released

If you are one of the idiots actually looking to shell out $6,000 for some sex you can get elsewhere for much less, this post is for you!  If you are someone curiously laughing at all of the suckers who are paying $6,000 for sex, well, this post is for you as well.  Thanks to The Mirror, the Sex Island Itinerary is now public, and today I’ll outline just what’s in store for the “lucky” participants.

The Itinerary for Sex Island in the Desert

itinerary for sex island
Photo Credit: The Mirror UK.

If you haven’t read about Sex Island, check out this post first.

In short, it’s a $6,000 party where each guy is promised sex and the lavish life in a remote setting.

I call this a trip to Costa Rica, but then again, I feel like I have hacked the party and sexual conquests lifestyle quite well.  You may disagree, but hey, to each their own, I guess.

The four-day event and trip will kick off on August 2 at a location not disclosed yet in the desert, somewhere near Las Vegas.

As I touched on in my previous updates, the last trip was off the coast of Venezuela, and this latest event is being hyped as “Heaven on Earth.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this series of events, to be honest.  I’ll just list them in bullet point format so you can digest them, and then I’ll pick apart each point later on and let you know how I feel about them.

  • One Hour In Heaven – each client gets to have 20 girls for an hour.
  • Secret Performances by American and British Pop Stars ending in “group sex on stage.”
  • Each guest gets to choose two hookers who will remain with them for the entire time but can also trade them with other party goers if two isn’t the right number.
  • Topless tennis
  • Topless horseback riding
  • Sexual helicopter tour where you can have sex while in the chopper

As a bonus, the people organizing Sex Island have offered to refund the money to the participant who has sex with the most women during the four day event.  (Good luck keeping track, and Viagra for the win.)

Before I get into the daily activities, my take on the above bullets go as follows:

What are you going to do with 20 girls for an hour?  Sure, you can have sex with a couple of them, but the rest?  Maybe just feel up the ones with nice breasts, spank the ones with nice asses, and then what?  Okay, this sounds decent, but I’d like to know more.  Maybe I’d stick it in every one of them, just to say I did?

If I wanted to see a concert and group sex, I would have just watched The Dirt.

Choosing two hookers for your stay?  Not bad, but again, comes to value here.  For $6,000 do you know how many hookers I can have anywhere in the world for four days and not be confined somewhere?

Topless Tennis – Yawn.

Topless Horseback riding – Yawn again.  Titties bouncing are titties bouncing.  On a horse, in a car, on a tennis court.  Doesn’t matter.

The helicopter sex is a bucket list thing.  Serious props on that offer. I’d like to try that.

Day One Activities at Sex Island

8am: Arrive at the airport, get taken to a hangar and choppered over to the private resort.  Guests are greeted by girls that they pre-selected and shown their rooms.

1pm – 3pm: Lunch

3pm – 7pm: Sexual events like naked marco polo and tennis

7.30pm – 9pm: Dinner

10pm – 4am:  Concert and group sex on stage.

Day Two Sex Island Agenda

9am – 11.30am: Breakfast

2pm – 3.30pm: Lunch.

4pm – 7pm: topless activities like ATV and horseback riding.

7.30pm – 9pm: Dinner.

10pm-2am: Casino and night life tour.

Day Three Sex Island Events

9am – 11.30am: Breakfast.

12pm – 5am :  One Hour in Heaven Event

2pm – 3.30pm: Lunch.

4pm – 8pm: Sex in the Chopper.

8pm – 9pm: Dinner.

12pm – 5am: ‘One Hour in Heaven’ – for one hour guests will have 20 girls in their room.

Day Four Sex Island Itinerary

8am – 4pm: Breakfast, lunch.

Go back home.

All in all, this sounds like a lot of activities with a lot of people that clearly aren’t knowing one another.  For four days, this is going to cause a lot of chaos.  People will fight, bicker, and get on each other’s nerves.  Mark my word, there is no value here when compared to just having sex with women from apps that you can meet locally in your City and save yourself a ton of money.

Anyone see this the way I do?  Zero value other than fucking in the chopper?

Guests who pay the £4,600 fee will take part in activities such as a ‘topless tennis’, topless horse riding and a ‘sexual helicopter tour’ where they will have sex while flying over the desert.

The program of activities seen by Mirror Online also promises ‘One Hour In Heaven’, where each client will get to have 20 girls for an hour.

And organizers also claim there will be secret performances by “American and British pop stars” on the trip’s first night, which will end with “group sex on stage”.

Each holidaymaker will get to choose two prostitutes who will be with them for the duration of the holiday, but will also be able to swap their girls with fellow revellers if two isn’t enough for them.

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