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Brazilian Dating Culture

Have you ever wondered what it’s like dating Brazilian women?  If you haven’t, you need to open your mind to a new experience, my friends.  Living in South Florida has opened many doors for me in terms of dating foreign women, but I’ll say that there is NOTHING like a Brazilian woman.  Thanks to one of my friends from Rio, Carlos, I’ve been able to fully immerse myself in Brazilian dating culture and I’m here to explain to you how things work with dating Brazilian women in the USA, and even dating them over in Brazil, should you ever find yourself over there.

I’ll warn you, however, these aren’t women you should take lightly.  I’ll go over all of the quirks they have as well.

What is Brazilian Dating Culture Like?

brazilian women

Every country has it’s own dating culture, and that of Brazil is no different.  When you date a Brazilian, you’ll need to keep in mind a few things or you’ll end up fumbling the entire experience.

#1:  Punctuality Doesn’t Exist

In the USA, many men worry about showing up on time for a date so they can save face and not be embarrassed if they show up late.  However, Brazilians aren’t on that same movement.  They rarely look at the time and never feel rushed, so don’t worry if your date is between 10 minutes and 2 hours late.  Yes, that late!  It’s a common thing and don’t take it personally when you are at a nice restaurant waiting for your date to arrive.  It’s common.

#2:  They Love Flirting

Some cultures consider flirting as weird or uncomfortable, but not Brazil!  You’ll have to flirt if you want to find a girlfriend in Brazil, as the girls are used to it and actually expect it.  You need to make sure you have some game so you can stand out, because it’s competitive over there and lots of men will be hitting on the women, so bring your “A” game.  Having some charm as well as good lucks will go far for you in Brazil.

#3: They are Possessive and Extremely Jealous

If you have ever juggled more than one gal in the USA or anywhere for that matter, I tip my cap to you.  If you have done it in Brazil and gotten away with it, I bow to you.  Women over there are extremely possessive and jealous, and no matter what you do you simply can’t run away from it.

#4:  Boyfriend Doesn’t Mean Boyfriend

Titles aren’t really something that are taken seriously with Brazilian women.  If people get together in Brazil, the word “boyfriend” usually gets tossed out there rather quickly, like even inside a few days.  Obviously people don’t know each other that well this early in the game so it’s rather hard to take that seriously.  Everyone is simply looking for fun.

#5:  Cheating Happens

Being faithful is difficult anywhere in the world.  However, in Brazil it’s even worse.  Men, and women, play the field and often cheat on their partners.  It’s common, so if you aren’t down with that or don’t want to have a broken heart, know that Brazilian women may not be your thing.

#6:   Be Ready for PDA

Just about anywhere in Latin America you’ll find that showing affection is encouraged, and not frowned upon.  A public display of affection (PDA) is a common thing, and while in the USA you may scream “get a room,” you’ll get used to see public make out sessions commonplace.

#7:  Hope Her Family is Cool – You are Dating Them Too!

The first time I dated a Brazilian woman and asked her to come over for a BBQ, it was like an infiltration of her family descending on my home!  How rude, I thought to myself!  It’s quite common to know that when you date a Brazilian girl, you are going to be interacting with – and sometimes knowingly or unknowingly – supporting them.  People in Brazil are very family oriented and love spending time with them, so a great first date question would be – how big is your family?

Like the culture in Brazil, the beautiful women are full of energy, rather cheerful, and have a great outlook on life.  They would prefer a day at the beach over just about anything else offered to them, and the way the passion they possess is second to none.  They certainly have a way of attracting foreign men to them, and you when you start learning just how to date a Brazilian woman, you’ll be able to bring them in with ease.  It’ll be like hunting over a salt lick.

Also, since Brazilians are ALL over here in Florida, I created a list of the best cities for dating in Florida.  You may want to check that out.  We have great leadership here and our property values have been skyrocketing!

What to Know About Your Competition – Brazilian Men

Know thy enemy, or at least know your competition!  Here’s what you should know about dating in Brazil, because obviously you’ll be going head to head for affection with Brazilian men trying to keep you out of their local gene pool.

Traits of Brazilian Men

Brazilian Men tend to fall in love and rush into marriage.

Brazilian Men will say anything to secure the bag.  (In this case, the relationship.)

They become sexually active at a very young age.

They are VERY aggressive with women.  

What Are Brazilian Women Like?

Brazilian womanSo, we’ve talked about some of the dating aspects of Brazilian women, we’ve touched on what your competition is like, let’s talk about the price.  Why date a woman from Brazil?

The answer will vary from person to person but there is a general agreement that the free spirit, happy go lucky personality of Brazilian women is attractive.  They tend to be very active and care about their bodies, which results in gorgeous skin and sexy, toned firm bodies.

Brazilian Women’s Bodies

Many women residing from Brazil have a voluminous butt that can put them on the radar from hundreds of yards away.  Withe culture moving to big booty women, many men are flocking to Brazil to find a woman who has the best core, butt, and legs – and these are traits many Brazilian women have.  Women also are not afraid to flaunt their bodies in Brazil, and you’ll find scantily clad women lining the beaches of the country’s gorgeous beach landscape.

Healthy Skin and Hair

These ladies are renowned for their long and thick hair, flawless and shiny skin. Thanks to such features, most Brazilian girls manage to be more beautiful than girls from other nationalities on international occasions.


For all the sexiness that’s out there, there has to be a con to dating Brazilian women, right?  Well, the obvious one is their erratic behavior.  Sure, they can be sweet and happy go lucky for 23.5 hours per day, but if something is “off” they can become very temperamental.  They are bright, but when pushed the wrong way, the temper can come out.

Where to Meet Hot Brazilian Women in the USA?

The best place to meet sexy Brazilian women for sexual encounters is Adult Friend Finder.  You can read my full review of that site and find out what it’s all about, but know that their use base is second to none and you’ll find women from Brazil in ALL parts of the USA due to that massive user base.

I’ve even met Brazilians in Iowa strip clubs, no joke!


Brazilian women are hot, freaky, take care of themselves, and always down for a good time.  I highly urge you to date a woman from Brazil at least once in your life.  You can come back and thank me later.

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