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My Craigshookup Site Review Exposes Entire Scam Involved

I’m sick and tired of seeing these types of scams posted on the Internet. If you’ve done a few searches on the web looking for hook up services or online personals you may have come across this scam. The site is called Craigshookup and it’s by far the sleaziest scam I’ve ever come in contact with. I’ll tell you why right now. Actually, before I do that, there’s something you must know.

Here’s the deal:

Craigslist is a colossal waste of time! Additionally, the Backpage classifieds section is also a total waste of time and effort. Now, that said, this isn’t the same thing but it’s a front which portrays itself as being the classifieds section of the infamous Craigslist.com. Here are the details of what they do to totally scam users.

Craigshookup Scam

Craigshookup.com Is The Ultimate CL Dating Scam

The first thing that I’m going to share with you are the exact steps that I took in order to get to get sucked into this online dating scam. I ended up doing some searches online and one of the terms that I ended up searching was “craigshookup” which I think was a suggestion from a friend. When I did the search, I ended up on a page of results that looked identical to the screenshot shown below.

craigshookup internet search

If you take a look at the results shown. You’ll quickly notice that Craigshookup.com and Craigshookup.net are the first listed search results. The first one shows up as “free personals” and the second result shows up as “Official Site, Hook Up Tonight.” What I can tell you is that you’ll never end up finding either of the things mentioned. That’s because both sites are redirects, which means they don’t really have a dating network so to speak.

Breaking Down The Official Craigshookup Site

If you take a look directly below this paragraph, you’ll quickly notice the homepage of Craigs Hookup. Does the page look familiar? That’s because the site has been built out to emulate or mirror the original Craigslist website. I mean, they go to the extent of even using the same terminology and terms of service that Craiglist uses.

Here is what you don’t want to do! The first thing you want to refrain from doing is clicking on any links that exist on this homepage. For example, do not click the logo or the text that reads, “Enter to free member section” either. You should also refrain from clicking on any of the links that are shown below the states listed.

craigshookup.com index page

I’d also like to mention that the states which have been listed with numbers next to them mean absolutely nothing. Whoever created this site did so to con you into joining other dating sites. What happens when you click any of the links is that you’re redirected to a shady website. Actually, it’s not just one shady dating site but it’s a number of them one after another. If you try and click the back button in your browser, you’ll then be redirected to yet another site. You will end up on sites like milfshookup.com, affairhookups.com, cheatersfinder.com, and more. It’s easy to see that one dating company is behind this.

What About Craigshookup.net?

Unfortunately, the Craigshookup.net is the same exact song and dance with just a little bit more work involved. This site does something different. When you visit the page, it looks like a basic blog but it’s much more than that. The second that you click on any links, that all changes.

Craigshookup.net Homepage

Instead, it goes to the extent of showing you some smoking hot blonde girl with her boobs flashed. You’ll be redirected to a page that looks like this shown below. Do not let this fool you, the girl in the picture is used to pull you into a fake questionnaire which ultimately brings you to a dating network that incorporates the use of fake profiles.

craigs hookup net redirect

Domain Details

Here’s a rundown of what I know about the domains that further prove that this is not a real dating site.

The Bottom Line – Craigshookup Is A Huge Scam

Honestly, it couldn’t be any clearer that both of these Craigshookup sites are a complete scam. If you’re looking to join a real casual sex site, then I suggest you start here. I’ve literally spent thousands on dating sites to determine which work and which don’t.

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