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MeetMe App Review – Complete Rundown Of Everything I Know

The MeetMe dating app uses social interaction to get people acquainted.  It’s drawn plenty of ire and has been a hot topic, so today I’m happy to share the MeetMe app review. Yes, it’s imperative that you read this before joining.

The MeetMe.com iOS Mobile App

This site is all about meeting people, and not as much about dating people, but when you boil it down and start reading about it online, people have been using this for encounters of all kinds so it’s worth including it in our dating app reviews.

Whether you are intending on using it to find dates, or just find friends, it’s a good app to use if you are lonely.

The company was founded in 2005 and used to be called “MyYearBook,” but it changed the name in 2012 due to an expanded member base.  The parent company is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, which is a very odd place for dating companies to reside, but I pushed that aside and still dove in to find out what this app was all about.  They claim to have around 40 million users, and that is nothing to shake a stick at.

Meetme.com Review
Screenshot of Meetme Website

MeetMe.com: Login

Just provide your phone number and you are off to the races with a verified account.  It’s pretty cool, I must admit, that you can play games upon signing up.  When you play these games, you earn a virtual currency that they call “Lunch Money.”  With this cash, you can access other features on the MeetMe website.

MeetMe Mobile and App

Like all of the best apps, there is a mobile version.  Duh, it’s 2017 as I write this!  However, I find it quite hokey and prefer using the desktop version if you have computer access.  You can get the app on Android as well.

Dating Network Site Problems and Lawsuit

It’s worth pointing out that there was a lawsuit filed in San Francisco (view the details here) alleging that the website allowed predators to seek out minors.  This was filed by the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera.  In short, the suit alleged that it was allowing minors between the ages of 13 and 17 to reveal their locations to potential predators.

There were over a dozen reports of victims who were found on this website by predators across the nation.  The site has been implicated in many crimes of sexual assault and in California, illicit sex with minors.

In one case, a man used the website to exchange racy photos and texts to girls that kicked off a “sexting” relationship that advanced to physical contact.  In this case, the man was arrested and charged with assaulting a minor met on the Meet Me app.

(Please, be careful on any app, sex dating or not.  Meeting strangers is a bold move, so please do your due diligence before meeting up with anyone you are thinking of meeting on any app.) 

I’m currently using the app, and my full meet me review will be updated shortly. Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to share your own personal experience using the app. I encourage this type of sharing whenever possible. The more people with feedback, the better!


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