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Amigos.com Homepage

Amigos.com Review: The Latino & Hispanic Personals Site

Given that I’m based out of Miami, FL it should come as no surprise that I like Hispanic and Latin women. The local strip clubs here are loaded with them as are the bars and classified ads. However, I typically don’t roll like that. Instead, I choose to use a dating app. One of those apps is Amigos.com. It’s a network connected to the AdultFriendFinder.com network (so you know it’s a winner). Before making a choice to join this site, you’ll want to read my full review. I’ve covered it all below…

Amigos.com Homepage

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My Amigos.com Review Tells It All

Do you like Hispanic women? Or, are you Hispanic yourself and find it tough to find someone who “gets” you and all the things you grew up with, experienced, and are specific to your nationality? If you are looking for a Hispanic date for any reason, there are a multitude of dating sites geared towards Hispanic dating and the people who love a little spicy Latino blood.

One of the recent sites I’ve stumbled across is called Amigos.com. More than a dating site, Amigos.com leans towards being an amazing social media site that helps to connect Latino’s looking for love and anyone else that enjoys a bit of sexy Latin flair in their life.

If you’re looking to date anyone of Hispanic descent, you need to read my thoughts on Amigos.com to see if it’s worth your time and money, or one you should avoid.

Amigos.com Features

  • Huge number of members and a lively community-7.9 million and counting
  • Browsing available in English, Spanish, or Portuguese
  • Instant messaging, video introductions, chat rooms, and a smartphone app
  • Member blogs, articles, and forums
  • Free to join and relatively affordable to upgrade membership

Joining The Site

If you are interested in joining Amigos.com, you’ll be happy to know it is completely free to join. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s completely free to use all the site features, but if you’re looking to try out the site and see what it’s about, it won’t cost you a cent.

Besides being free to join, Amigos.com makes it easy to become a member. There are no extensive questions to answer, just a few basics and you’ll have to click on a confirmation email, but once you’ve done that, you’re set.

Once you’ve poked around a bit, you’ll probably notice all the benefits that paid members get. These things include:

  • Bling manager to decorate your profile and make it stand out
  • Profile-connected blog entries to act like a daily diary or a way to post about exciting things happening in your life
  • Contact new members
  • Access to blogs, groups, and magazine articles
  • Appear top in the searches
  • Access to larger photos
  • More extensive search options

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Paid members on Amigos really get some bang-up benefits that go beyond the freebies such as basic searching and limited contact with other members.

Upgraded Membership Costs

If you’ve been playing around a little bit on the site and you’ve liked what you saw, you probably want to consider a paid membership. If you’re curious as to what it will cost you, let me fill you in on the various membership levels.

Silver Membership:

  • 1-month-$9.99
  • 3-months-$26.85 ($8.95/month)

Gold Membership:

  • 1-month-$19.99
  • 3-months-$35.80 plus a 4th month free

Enhance your profile:

  • 1-month-$19.95
  • 3-months-$35.90

Highlight to stand out in search results

  • 1-month-$9.95
  • 3-months-$26.85

Now, if you don’t want to purchase membership upgrades by the month, the site also offers its members the ability to buy points. The points system is different from the monthly memberships because you’re not locked in. You use the points as you go for doing various things on the site.

This may get a little expensive because everything you do on Amigos.com will be assigned a number of points. For example, if you want to send an email to another member, it will cost you 200 points per email, if you want your profile highlighted so others see it first in searches it will be 1000 points per month, and if you want to create a private chatroom it is another 1000 points per month.

Here is the point pricing breakdown and you can decide if that is something that will work for you, or if a monthly membership is more your speed:

  • 5000 points-$40.00
  • 4000 points-$34.00
  • 3000 points-$27.00
  • 2000 points-$19.00
  • 1000 points-$10.00

It is possible to earn points by doing things on the site, like publishing your own blog or writing an article for Amigos Magazine, which can then bump up your membership to Silver for free. If you’re the type that enjoys writing, you can really get to enjoy Amigos.com with very little cash out of pocket, which is pretty nice.

The Magazine

Amigos.com offers up something really unique for a dating site and is something I never really stumbled across before. Amigos Magazine is an online magazine full of user stories, jokes, life experiences, and just about anything else that a member of Amigos.com might want to right about. Not only can you read these articles, but you can then vote on how much you enjoyed them.

And, if you’re interested, you can even send off an article or joke to the magazine and earn points towards your membership. Amigos Magazine is completely free and allows members to get to know each other and build up that sense of family that the Latino community is known for.

Excellent Safety Features

When I use any dating site, I want to be sure it is safe. There are so many bad dating sites out there that you never know if you’re really talking to the person behind the profile, or if it is someone looking to catfish you.

This network offers consumers a Confirm ID feature where they verify member identities using an ID, driver’s license, or passport and put a “Trusted Member” logo on that person’s profile. Any profile that sports that logo has been verified to be the person behind the pictures and not some creepy dude pretending to be a hot Latina woman.

Final Verdict on Amigos.com

I like Amigos.com. I’ve tried other Latino dating sites (Caliente.com) and I’ve come across some good ones and some really bad ones, but I’d say that Amigos.com is one of the best. They offer extensive features, great bonuses like their chatrooms and magazine, various ways to pay, and a top-notch safety feature that only the best dating sites use.

If you’re at all curious as to what Amigos.com is about, you really have nothing to lose but a few bucks if you’re not thrilled with their services. I know I’ve had success and will continue to use Amigos.com when I’m feeling a little Caliente.

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