There’s been a huge surge within the sugar daddy dating niche over the last 12 months. It’s a round about way of saying that you’re willing to give either tangible gifts or money to a girl for her time. This girl is known as a sugar baby and hundreds of thousands are popping up across the United States. The Seeking Arrangement is one of those types of sites that help financially endowed men connect with willing women.

There are so many women seeking a casual arrangement with men today. If you’re willing to wine and dine beautiful women, then you need to read this entire review of my experience using There are so many reasons why you should use this site. However, it might not be all that different from some of the other dating sitesĀ out there. There are many similarities that exist and I’m going to give you a chance to best understand the commonalities today.

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My Seeking Arrangement Review

Assuming that you’re all for seeking arrangements that may lead to potential sex dates, then you’re in luck buddy. I’m here to tell you why I absolutely love all these sugar babies and how it’s actually not that difficult to meet willing females with the right approach (no matter what site). I’ll kick things off and get started…

What I Love About This Network

The best part about using seeking arrangement is that everyone has the same Modus Operandi aka method of operation. The guys on the site want to meet some female willing to have sex. While the women aka sugar babies on the site are willing to have sex with you or at a minimum, spend time with you if you put forth the gifts or money requested. Most of these women are openly honest about their motives and it makes things that much easier.

Trust me, honesty does matter and it helps.

Do You Need To Be Wealthy?

Some guys completely bypass the Seeking Arrangement network because they think it’s just another sugar daddy website. Sure, it’s something like that but not exactly. They think that you need to be rich or even an old man to join. That’s the furthest from the truth as it gets.

In fact, I am not rich or old and I had plenty of fun using While I don’t use it as much as I do my favorite apps to hook up, I had plenty of success as a member of this network.

Great Things About Seeking Arrangement

I can say that the website is one of the simplest sites in the industry to use. Navigating S.A. couldn’t be any easier really. It took less than two minutes to register and I was quickly able to connect with beautiful women looking to connect with sugar daddy like guys.

I was absolutely stunned when I learned just how many girls had active profiles on the site within my local area. In fact, some of the girls that work out at my gym were on the website. Of course, you know I had to hit them up and make a connection as I love banging fit girls.

Here’s a rundown of the best features and reasons why I like using this site.

Simple User Interface

Searching for sugar babies in SA is so easy that anyone with a basic education can do it. Many people avoid these networks because they’re not computer savvy or they don’t know how to use apps via their phone. The developers of this site have made it fool proof as well as idiot proof. Trust me, your 90-year-old grandpa will even be able to use this, that’s how easy it is.

Excellent In-Site Search

If you’re looking for a specific type of girl that you want to connect with on, then it’s pretty simple to find them. The search function is top notch giving you the ability to filter by so many attributes and physical characteristics it’s unreal. They have one filter that I really like which allows you to search for the “low-cost” girls. I won’t reveal what it is, but you’ll understand right away when you get inside.

Many Affordable Girls

While lots of women want gobs of money just to hang out with them, there are plenty of girls that are very affordable on the site. Some are willing to bang just for a nice dinner and some company even. Others are looking for more financial stability and they quite often get just that.

Lots of Women

Like I said earlier, there are LOTS OF WOMEN using this site. So many that it’s almost impossible for you to not find one locally. One thing I can say about all the top dating services that I use is that there is no shortage of hot local girls. Having a large database at your disposal can help a ton.

Conclusion: Seeking Arrangement Works Pretty Good But Be Ready To Pay

I’ve had my fair share of arrangements with many sugar babies while using Seeking Arrangement. A few of them were much more than your typical NSA relationship as they took place over a period of months. That being said, they always ended and eventually became a bit predictable. That’s exactly why I chose to move on to something more casual and less needy. If you’re looking for just a bang and that’s it, then give this one a try instead.