This page explains everything I know about sugar daddy dating. While I’ve got a decent amount of money, I’m certainly not super-rich. Now, that being said, I do qualify enough to date girls looking for a sugar daddy. In the article below, I explain everything you need to know about sugar daddies, free dating sites, and more.

Do you have money? Are you bored with basic dating sites? Well, if you are wealthy or if you are looking to date someone wealthy then your best bet is to turn towards sugar daddy dating. I’m telling you that sugar daddy dating is a recent trend that’s taking off and it’s pretty simple to get involved in this trend.

sugar daddy dating legend dan bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian is a Sugar Daddy Dating God As Far As I’m Concerned!

What Is Sugar Daddy Dating?

This type of dating is exactly what you think it is. It’s when rich men referred to as sugar daddies connect with beautiful women, more commonly known as sugar babies. I’ve personally used these types of dating sites and I should be honest with you and say that they do work quite well.

I’m not that old but I do make a decent living and I’m always on the hunt for convenience when it comes to getting laid. Having the guts to do so, I joined a sugar daddy dating site called Wealthymen¬†and it certainly opened my eyes up to this type of transactional relationship.

How Many Want To Date Sugar Daddies?

There are millions of beautiful women all across the country who are looking to date or at a minimum have sex with men with money. They want to connect with guys that are financially stable and have their shit somewhat together. As divorces become more popular, many older gentlemen are single and looking to hook up with hot local girls these days.

The good news is that these sites exist which make it so easy for sugar daddies and sugar babies to find one another. The types of individuals that join these sugar daddy sites are professionals such as CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Physicians, Attorneys and other well-respected and well-educated individuals. Many of the people are not even seeking anything other than sex. The best part is that most of the girls on the sites completely understand that factor.


The guy posted in the picture above is what I consider the “Godfather of Sugar Daddy Dating” for reasons you’ll soon understand. His name is Dan Bilzerian and he’s seen more pussy than you will ever see in your lifetime. He travels across the globe with insanely beautiful women that he fucks. The guys the definition of a stud and he should be in the Sugar Daddy Hall of Fame if that exists. Anyway, I’m telling you this so you understand that this type of dating is for anyone that has money and likes to fuck hot college girls.

How Sugar Dating Sites Work

Let me share a quick story with you to give you an idea of how these sites work. I have a friend who turned me onto one of these sugar daddy sites. He told me about his experience using Seeking Arrangement. Most of them work similarly to the next so I figured I’d let you know what he told me.

For starters, he uses the site to browse for sexy girls in their early 20s. Typically the girls are in college and are trying to earn some money to pay for books at school. He messages the girls, takes them out on a nice dinner date, and invites them to his hotel room. From there, a typical conversation takes place where an arrangement is established.

No, he’s not paying for sex. What he does is promise the girls that he’ll wine and dine them, buy them nice things from time to time and all he asks is that they come hang out at the hotel room. Well, this typically leads to sex 9 out of 10 times! He looks for sugar babies that he wants to connect with, messages them, connects, and often bangs. Simple as that really!

Frequent Questions About Sugar Daddy Dating

I figured that you would have some questions for me about this type of dating so I’ve provided a list for you below.

Are all sugar daddy dating sites equally effective?

Good question. I would have to answer you with a strong NO. Sure, these sugar daddy dating sites all operate with the same concept in mind but the effectiveness varies widely from site to site. I can’t for certain say that they are all equally effective. Just like adult dating sites, there are many that are scams and others that are the best hookup sites ever created.

Are they free?

Most of the sugar daddy sites are free to join but if you want to get laid you are going to have to pay for a membership. Simple as that. The concept, “You get what you pay for” definitely applies to this type of dating online. The exposure to and the quality of girls drastically increases for those who do decide to upgrade their membership status.

Do they verify members?

Most good sugar daddy dating sites require that you go through a simple verification process to prove that you are who you say you are. This is something that is a high cost to the companies that run these sites and they do it knowing how much better it makes their services.

Is this the same as paying a girl for sex?

No, not even the slightest bit. You never have to pay a girl for sex using these websites. That’s why you are paying for the dating membership. Paying for the membership gives you access to the sugar babies and once you go out with them you can ask them if they want you to buy something for them but you do not have to pay the girls for sex.

Well, those are some of the popular questions that I get asked about this type of dating. I can’t explain how it works much better than that. Instead, I encourage you to join one or two of these sites to get a true feel for how they work. I would start by joining the site listed below.

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