WealthyMen.com is a dating site, but it’s in a niche that sets them apart from the rest. They target men that make over $85,000 a year and match them with beautiful and interesting women. The sites loaded with really hot girls that are looking for sugar daddies. I haven’t tried many sugar daddy dating sites but this one caught my eye. I tried this WealthyMen site and guess what, it did not disappoint. Was it worthy of top rankings? I can’t give it away now. You’ll have to read my Wealthy Men review if you want to find out.

wealthymen dating review

Is Wealthy Men Dating A “Money” Site Or A Bust? Find Out Now!

I had always wondered what it was like to be a sugar daddy and I hoped my first experience at Wealthy Men.com would be a bad one (since I’m not rich). I took advantage of their easy signup process and answered a few questions so I could get in and take a look around. Obtaining a Wealthymen login was simple. You must indicate your profession, income, ethnicity, religion, body type and height. That’s all there is to it. Oh, and there’s also a section where you can share some information about yourself and who your ideal match might be. They allow you to choose a budget with your options being negotiable, minimal, intermediate or high. This refers to the amount you are willing to pay to maintain your sugar baby. Let me not get ahead of

Oh, and there’s also a section where you can share some information about yourself and who your ideal match might be. They allow you to choose a budget with your options being negotiable, minimal, intermediate or high. This refers to the amount you are willing to pay to maintain your sugar baby. Let me not get ahead of myself. Let’s start with once you are logged in and setting up your profile. You can upload up to 9 pictures to your profile and go into as much detail as you like. You can still function decently on the site without being verified, but you are in for another level of sugar daddy dating when your income, profession, and photos are verified. Basically, it adds credibility to your profile and shows that you are the real deal.

Once you have verified your income by uploading a tax return or bank statement (safely and securely of course) you will definitely see a huge difference in the way the girls respond to you. I had so many hot girls wanting to talk to me at the same time. You will have your choice of dozens of high caliber women who are just waiting to do anything for you just for a little pampering. I haven’t been in the over $80,000 a year bracket for long, so it was a good test to see what was out there for me. I see this site as a way to announce to women that you are a successful man who gets what he wants and you want only the best, just like they do. You will definitely find it at WealthyMen. I know I did.

However, for full disclosure purposes, I didn’t continue using this just because I love using adult dating sites versus sugar daddy dating sites. Nothing against the site. It works great. It’s just not my top site because I like sex dating more than anything.

Messaging Girls

One thing I noticed about girls messaging on a site like WealthyMen was that they try hard to sell themselves to you. They let you know exactly why you might like going out with them more than anyone. They sell themselves to you and I must admit that it’s a great feeling. This was the first time I had been on a “rich dating” site where really hot women were messaging me trying to get my attention and they were actually real women. The messages were 100% real. The girls were real and the fun, as well as the sex, was definitely real!

Phone Calls

I had my choice of quite a few women who gave me their numbers. I called up the three women that I liked the most and all turned out to be great conversations. To be honest, the girls were trying to impress me on the phone and I felt flattered that most of them were actually trying to impress me. They were more relaxed but it was definitely important to them that I liked them. That’s not something that you find when using most dating sites or apps.

First Meeting

All I had to do was make a reservation at a nice restaurant and each of these women loved me. Two of them were party girls who wanted sex and the other one wanted to date or perhaps something more long term. I’m not saying that she wanted to be my girlfriend, but she wanted something more emotional I think. I ended up going on dates with all three of the girls that I got close with. Of course, I had sex with the two that wanted to fuck. They were women that were just looking for someone to wine and dine them. Then take them to a hotel and bang. The other girl wanted a serious boyfriend. I wasn’t into that at all. I rather fuck random girls versus be in a relationship.

Wealthymen Customer Service

If you find a girl that you want to date for a while, once you’re done with her or done with the site in general, you can easily cancel your membership. All you have to do is click on the Customer Service link and they display all the numbers you need to call based on what billing company you used when you sign up. If you’re worried about service, I must stress that you have nothing to worry about. These guys are real pros when it comes to dating website services and the support shows that.

Conclusion: Wealthymen Dating Is A Good Dating Site For Rich Men

The site is a winner if you’re looking for a sugar daddy dating site that works. It’s not my first choice of sites to join but if that’s your thing then you might enjoy it. The main thing you have to worry about on WealthyMen is that you are successful in your career. You also must meet the minimum income bracket standards. If so, then this unique dating site will connect you with some of the hottest women in your area that are looking for a rich guy to bang. It works, it’s just not one fo my “go to” sites. It’s certainly worth recommending.

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Update: 8/23/2016

FAQ Section: This section of the review is where I share all the typical answers to questions people ask. Since this is one of the best wealthy dating sites on the Internet, I felt it was necessary to answer some questions. I decided to publish them on the review for all to digest.

Is getting a Wealthymen login difficult? No, getting a login to the wealthy men.com site and obtaining access to the private member’s area is nearly effortless. In fact, it’s so damn easy I can’t believe anyone would even ask me this question. It’s foolish not to just go through the motions and attempt to join the website.

If I live in a small town, is this site good for dating wealthy singles in my area or will it not work? Yes, this site is good regardless of where your live. Although your location may define the number of wealthy individuals, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have success if you live in a lower income neighborhood. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that whether you live in a country bumpkin area or in a place like New York City where many millionaires reside, you can find people to date.

I’m a female and I want to meet rich men. Do you suggest I join this site only or try other dating sites for rich guys injunction with this site? Well, this one is tricky but I’m going to have to suggest that you only stick with Wealthymen for starters. Not that you won’t be successful using the other sites. However, you don’t want the label of a woman using a ton of dating sites. Rich guys can smell this from a mile away. If you do intend on joining multiple wealthy dating websites then I strongly suggest you upload different images to each site. Doing so will help make you look less recognizable on a site by site basis.

As I continue to receive more questions, I’ll be sure to add them to the list. Those above are I get inquiries on most.