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Smoke and Poke Review

Smoke and Poke Review: Network For Horny Weed Lovers In 2024

The Smoke and Poke dating site is the latest craze to hit the web. It’s the dating site for all you CBD and weed fans out there. Yes, we’re covering the ins and outs of it all right here today. If you’re the type that likes to toke on some green and get laid at the same time, then this one might be for you. Here’s the deal and what to expect from the platform. Consider this my official Smoke and Poke review because I cover it all and then some below…


But first, what does the saying smoke and poke mean? The definition of smoke and poke is to smoke weed and then have sex while enjoying that feeling of being high!

Smoke and Poke Review

My Review of Smoke and Poke Dating

I’d like to go on record stating that I am a 420 fan, but not a super pothead. That said, I like it enough to know that sex and smoking are just perfect. This is why I was really interested in this site when I came across it.

I’ll cover just about everything here including the types of girls that I met up with using this site. I want to make it clear that this is for the marijuana and CBD lover – not just weed. I say that because many CBD people are on this site as well. Okay, enough about that, time to get to the good stuff!

smoke and poke registration

9 Coolest Things About SmokeandPoke.com

There are of course more than nine things that are cool about this network, but I wanted to share the coolest of the cool with you now.

Super Easy Signup Process

Signing up to become a member of this site is really easy. I’ll cover the exact steps for you directly below:

Step 1: Head to Smokeandpoke.com

Step 2: Select your gender and click next

Step 3: Select your age and zip code

Step 4: Enter your email and password

That’s literally it!

You’re now in the private member’s area and able to chat with members. Actually, sorry, there are a few simple things you need to do to improve your chances of hooking up here.

  • Definitely upload a photo
  • Select what you’re looking for
  • Share your body type and race
  • Now you’re ready to get started!

Easy To Find Cannabis Users

I love this site because it allows you to quickly identify who smokes weed. Not all users are heavy smokers, but those who really enjoy smoking have a marijuana leaf on their profile. There’s something to be said for saving time and money in today’s world. You’ll see them in the screenshot below.

Find Weed Lovers

AVN Award Winner

The company behind this 420 sex network is an award-winning company that’s won at the AVN Awards. They don’t just give anyone these awards, so you know it means something. It’s probably because they take a no-bullshit approach to sex dating. What does that mean exactly? I’ll tell you…

AVN Award Winner

  • No fake account creation
  • 24/7 fake account fighting
  • No sharing or selling of your data
  • No spam at all
  • Easy unsubscribe process
  • More than a decade of success

It’s Cheap To Upgrade

So, another reason why I love this Smoke and Poke site is that it’s truly simple to upgrade and also extremely cheap. You’ve got a few options to consider here. Let me cover the costs now…

$4.95 for 2 days

Regular price: $14.95
$9.95 Currently!

Regular price: $49.95
$34.95/month Currently!

One payment: $69.95

+6 Months FREE – Best Value: 80% OFF

The best advice I can give you in this department is to go long and commit for less. The cost is literally so much less and it makes sense if you’re looking to smoke and smash on the regular.

They also have a guarantee that you will get laid within three months, so you’ve got that to lean on as well.

Smoke and Poke Babe

Billing Is Discreet

Since we just talked about charges, I need to mention that billing is super discreet and nearly undetectable for those looking to keep things on the DL from a premium membership charge perspective.

Awesome Customer Support

Let’s face it…most of the time, dating site support totally sucks. Well, these guys changed the game in that department!

They have 24/7 amazing customer support that will just absolutely keep you satisfied 100% all the time. The GP Media support team is here to help you and make your experience awesome.

The Company Reviews Every Profile

Another awesome thing about this company is the team actually reviews each profile to understand them and make sure there’s no funny business. They take major pride in weeding out the fakes – pun intended. It’s definitely a major win for me, you, and every other person using this network.

Super Safe Encryption

I love that they care about privacy. How much do they care? Enough to secure the site using Let’s Encrypt. They do this to ensure that your personal payment information is safe and sound. Customer security and safety are number one here.

Company Information

This is owned and operated by Global Personals, LLC. A leader in the sex dating industry. Here’s the contact info you need if you wish to connect with them.

Global Personals, LLC
225 7th Street, Third Floor
Miami Beach, Florida 33139


If you need to reach out, definitely use the email before any other method. This works better than anything.

Smoke Weed Every Day!

Conclusion: Smoke and Poke Is Great

I wanted to wrap things up by saying that I did get laid using SmokeandPoke.com. I also made a connection with a few hot girls in my area that have the hookup for some serious nugs so not only did I find FWB, but I also found another weed hookup!

My advice is to give this site a try if you’re a marijuana or CBD user looking to connect with other horny users (you should also give 420Bang a shot too). This gives you a leg up and confirms you’ve already got something in common so it’s a win-win. Good luck, get laid, and smoke weed every day!

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