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420 bangme review


This is my 420Bang.me review and yes, it’s a good effective dating site for weed lovers. 420 BangMe is a hookup site that specializes in finding local singles who share a desirable love for smoking weed. I was especially excited for this one. Yes, I love weed and I knew the moment I came across it that I was going to love this 420-friendly fuck site.

It’s a fun niche, the girls are already loosened up and there were a lot of good things being said about it when I looked it up online. It ended up being everything I hoped it would be and much more. Read my 420 Bang Me review from top to bottom in order to find out whether or not this site is for you.

420 bangme review

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420 Bang Me Review – Complete Overview

Now, this is my kind of singles website. I would have been disappointed if I didn’t hook up or at least talk to any stoner chicks on 420BangMe. I ended up doing much more than talking and now this is one of my favorite “no-cost” hookup sites out of the many I have used.

It’s really simple to join and, of course, it’s geared toward both guys and girls who like to get completely blazed and fuck. If the weed leaves didn’t give things away then I don’t know what does.

When you get inside, you can fill out a detailed profile giving away the details of your weed knowledge and affection for the cannabis plant and sex or you can keep things a mystery.

It’s truly up to you. I didn’t fill out that much of a profile before I started getting alerts that a hot girl had viewed my profile or asked for more pics. I contacted them later on and they were real.

I like how much you can do for free before you have to pay for a membership. If you find a girl you like, you can send her a free wink or quick chat which is a feature where you can send the girl one of a series of premade chat messages.

This way you can see if she responds before you decide to pay. I was sending free winks everywhere and found a few girls to talk to that way. I already had something in common with the girls because we smoked weed. That’s always a good icebreaker. I met with some of the girls and got stoned with them.

Best Sex Of My Life

I had some of the best sex of my life with these girls and it wasn’t just because I was completely stone. It’s because the girls knew how to fuck like pros. If this review doesn’t convince you to try 420bang.me, then I don’t know what to say to you.

A Guarantee

They provide a 3-month “Bang Me” guarantee which means that should you not hook up in 3 months, you will get an extra 3 months free.

If you have anywhere close to the luck I had on the site; you will hook up long before the 3 months are up. After all, what’s better than meeting 420 singles looking for some action? That’s right, nothing at all.

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Messaging Stoned Girls

I spent a lot of time on 420 Bangme because the pot theme is a lot of fun and the girls are extremely hot. I sent out a lot of short messages and got responses to a little over half of them.

This was already much better than my last hookup site experience, so I kept going. I talked to a total of 10 girls on this 420 dating site on both instant message and video chat.

Phone Conversation

The phone conversations were a blast. The girls and I would smoke while we talked and it led to some interesting interactions.

I found that it was easy to transition into meeting them because I would just talk about wanting to smoke with them in person.

First Smoke Session

I had so much luck with messaging and phone calls that I met up with a total of 5 girls in a month and a half on 420 BangMe. Stoners tend to like a lot of the same things so we would see movies we liked or concerts we liked.

Four of the dates went all the way but the fifth girl had second thoughts about hooking up on the first date. She promised to remedy that on the next one and I must say she did. She got me extra high on the second date and fucked me good.

How To Cancel

I won’t be canceling for quite a while because I love weed and pussy, but if you ever need to; just e-mail the Customer Service Center at support@gpnethelp.com, and their professional staff will cancel your membership for you or help you with any problems you might have.

They helped me with some questions I had when I first joined. I should also mention that this site is owned by some reputable guys in the dating industry and they have nothing but top-quality customer service.

Conclusion: 420 Bang Me Is Weed-Friendly Fuck Dating At Its Finest

If you’re into smoking weed, I highly recommend 420 Bang Me. It has a good reputation, it’s initially 100% free to join and I see why it’s considered to be a great site. When I joined, I had no problem hooking up. Word to the wise; your weed supply greatly increases your chances of banging so make sure you pack plenty of ganja for your smoking sex date with each girl.

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