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Top 5 Dating Rules When Using Hook Up Apps

If you are still young or not ready to settle down, using hook up apps are likely a vital component of your sex life. Besides the immediate gratification and satisfaction; using one can also serve as a learning experience so you know that you have played the field before it’s time to settle down (if you actually decide to do so). But first, in order to be successful, you need to know the dating rules that apply when using sex apps. Below are the top 5 rules for successful sex dating.

dating rules

Dating Rules For Hook Up App Users

1. Don’t be too picky. This does not mean to bang anything that moves. This simply means that you are looking for a sexual partner, not a wife. All you need is a girl that is hot and willing to have guilt free sex with you. Use your animal instinct and think with your genitals. Many girls out there want the same thing as you. Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not saying this that means to bang anything that moves. This simply means that you are looking for a sex partner, not a girlfriend and certainly not a wife. so don’t try and limit yourself to “the one.” All you need is a girl that is somewhat hot and willing to have guilt free no strings attached sex with you. Use your instinct and think with what’s in your pants. Many girls out there want the same thing that you want and that’s why they’ve joined a sex site.

2. Stay confident. Confidence more than likely your biggest asset besides your looks when picking up a girl. The key here is to not get overly full of yourself or it’s a turnoff, at least for most girls. Make sure you keep things in perspective and remain confident but don’t turn into a douche bag. Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself and know that you have what it takes to get a hot girl in your bed or for that matter, anywhere she’ll have sex with you.

3. Don’t be too obvious. If you want to get laid using an awesome hookup app then use it properly to connect with people first and I suggest that you not run around with your tongue wagging like a dog in heat. Local girls, as well as those using dating apps, can and will sense desperation. Even if they are attracted to your looks and confidence; desperation is a turn-off and if you start trying too hard to get some booty from them I promise it won’t happen. Nobody likes a begging fool. It’s embarrassing and when using an app to get laid you can’t do that!

4. Don’t have sex with your friends. Whatever you do stop having sex with your friends if you’re doing it already. This is one of the most important dating rules that exist today. Do what you can to resist the urge to go the easy route and have sex with the closest person to you, a friend. You’ll thank me later. Here’s why, it’s not worth the risk of complicating your friendship; you ruin any chance of having a sex with someone that your friend might hook you up with too. I choose to not put myself in that predicament and stick to my trusty online booty call networks. That way, if it goes sour, there is never any awkwardness and it doesn’t happen again.

5. Be careful and try to use protection. The final, and arguably one of the most important dating rules to remember, especially when having casual partners is to use protection. No one wants to get an STD and you don’t have to get one. In fact, I’ve fucked hundreds of girls without getting one. That’s because I avoid STD’s and unwanted pregnancies by using condoms. You are looking for sex without commitment. Not wearing protection can bring obligations and commitment that you do not want in your life. Just wrap it up and thank me later!

Now, that’s all I have to say regarding dating rules and regulations that one must abide by. Now that you know them, get out there tiger and go get some booty!

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